Le Mans Virtual Series 2021/22 - GT Series

online + LAN in Paris (France)
2021-09-25 to
Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

it can happen that some drivers are in several teams, because of the Main Race:24h Le Mans race

Tournament Results

Prize Money By Country

1.Netherlands Netherlands$10,891.676 Players
2.Germany Germany$7,050.003 Players
3.Italy Italy$6,000.002 Players
4.Australia Australia$4,892.864 Players
5.United Kingdom United Kingdom$4,433.334 Players
6.United States United States$4,300.003 Players
7.Norway Norway$3,975.003 Players
8.Slovenia Slovenia$3,800.002 Players
9.Brazil Brazil$3,000.001 Player
10.Luxembourg Luxembourg$2,500.001 Player
11.Denmark Denmark$2,359.525 Players
12.France France$2,303.574 Players
13.Finland Finland$1,900.002 Players
14.Argentina Argentina$1,100.001 Player
15.Czech Republic Czech Republic$1,100.001 Player
16.Canada Canada$800.001 Player
17.Turkey Turkey$791.672 Players
18.South Africa South Africa$600.001 Player
19.Spain Spain$416.671 Player
20.North Macedonia North Macedonia$142.861 Player
21.Russian Federation Russian Federation$142.861 Player


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