South Africa

South Africa

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,839,622.62 From 467 Tournaments
World Ranking:

There have been 751 South African esports players that have been awarded a total of $1,839,622.62 USD in prize money across 467 tournaments. The highest awarding game was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with $934,590.12 USD won, making up 50.80% of all earnings by South African players. Ioannis "JT" Theodosiou is the highest earning South African player with $186,651.14 USD in prize money won overall, with $169,251.14 USD or 90.68% won from playing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments.

Top Games

 Game NameTotal (Game)
1.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$934,590.12
2.Rocket League$388,129.66
3.FIFA 18$109,110.00
4.FIFA 23$80,399.99
5.Dota 2$71,014.23
7.Counter-Strike 2$23,900.00
8.Apex Legends$21,410.00
9.FIFA 21$21,000.00
10.Battlefield 4$18,838.25
11.StarCraft II$13,474.95
12.Assetto Corsa Competizione$13,207.90
14.League of Legends$9,601.59
15.Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare$9,516.34
16.FIFA 20$8,355.53
17.Street Fighter 6$8,000.00
17.Street Fighter V: Champion Edition$8,000.00
20.rFactor 2$7,176.67
21.Tekken 7$6,850.00
22.FIFA 22$6,000.00
24.Call of Duty: Black Ops III$4,320.00

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)
1.South Africa JTIoannis Theodosiou$186,651.14
2.South Africa SonicAran Groesbeek$121,862.22
3.South Africa FadeyRhys Armstrong$54,538.79
4.South Africa SnowyyGareth Spiers$51,591.50
5.South Africa DarthEthan Deysel$50,891.50
6.South Africa KaylanKaylan Moodley$47,899.86
7.South Africa BeastJulio Bianchi$47,083.33
8.South Africa DetronyDimitri Hadjipaschali$44,272.50
9.South Africa 2Die4David Morgenrood$41,399.53
10.South Africa ElusiveRuan van Wyk$39,558.70
11.South Africa Shiaan Rugbeer- -$33,800.00
12.South Africa Thabo Mike Moloi- -$32,400.00
13.South Africa SkillStealNiel-Robèrt Burger$29,290.60
14.South Africa MisteMGareth Ries$29,207.32
15.South Africa flexyeRieghardt Romatzki$22,855.82
16.South Africa kaniiTrevor Morley$21,898.24
17.South Africa bLacKpoisoNRobby Da Loca$21,871.44
18.South Africa KamzKamran Naidoo$21,520.75
19.South Africa DomsterrDominic Sampaio$21,025.20
20.South Africa HappymealDavid du Plessis$20,698.86
21.South Africa TakbokJan Theron$17,131.76
22.South Africa WertyUmar Rasool$16,825.01
23.South Africa BlazeJosh Saunders$15,677.89
24.South Africa CastawayTravis Waters$15,076.73
25.South Africa ArceonUmer Majiet$14,511.47

Top Tournament Results

1.VS Gaming Festival$106,110.00FIFA 188 Players
2.MettleState Samsung Galaxy Championship - Finals$74,390.70Counter-Strike: Global Offensive40 Players
3.VS Gaming League Masters 2018 - Finals$41,516.35Counter-Strike: Global Offensive40 Players
4.FIFA eClub World Cup 2023$40,000.00FIFA 232 Players
5.VS Gaming Masters 2019 (CS:GO)$38,161.60Counter-Strike: Global Offensive40 Players
6.Telkom DGL Masters 2016 CS:GO Final$36,047.40Counter-Strike: Global Offensive40 Players
7.ESL African Championship - Season 2 - Finals (CS:GO)$34,274.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive10 Players
8.Telkom DGL Masters 2017 Season 2 - Masters Cup$30,354.35Counter-Strike: Global Offensive20 Players
9.ESL African Championship - Season 2 - South Africa (CS:GO)$28,605.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive40 Players
10.ESL African Championship - Season 1 (CS:GO)$28,499.98Counter-Strike: Global Offensive42 Players
11.DreamHack Mumbai Invitational 2018 (CS:GO)$24,522.05Counter-Strike: Global Offensive10 Players
12.Telkom DGL Masters 2016 Dota 2 Final$24,512.30Dota 215 Players
13.WESG 2016 - Middle East & Africa Finals (CS:GO)$23,972.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive15 Players
14.FIFA 21 Global Series - West Asia & South Africa (PS4)$21,000.00FIFA 212 Players
15.Funspark ULTI 2020 - Europe Final$20,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive2 Players
15.FLASHPOINT Season 1$20,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive2 Players
15.DreamHack Open Winter 2018 (CS:GO)$20,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive5 Players
18.RLCS 2022-23 - Winter: SSA Regional 3 - Winter Invitational$19,600.01Rocket League23 Players
19.RLCS 2022-23 - Winter: SSA Regional 2 - Winter Cup$18,733.34Rocket League22 Players
20.RLCS 2022-23 - Fall: SSA Regional 1 - Fall Open$18,400.01Rocket League20 Players
21.RLCS 2022-23 - Spring: SSA Regional 3 - Spring Invitational$17,999.98Rocket League22 Players
22.RLCS 2022-23 - Fall: SSA Regional 3 - Fall Invitational$17,866.68Rocket League21 Players
23.RLCS 2022-23 - Winter: SSA Regional 1 - Winter Open$17,866.67Rocket League21 Players
24.RLCS 2022-23 - Spring: SSA Regional 1 - Spring Open$17,866.65Rocket League22 Players
25.RLCS 2022-23 - Spring: SSA Regional 2 - Spring Cup$17,466.65Rocket League20 Players