ESL Pro Series UK / ESL UK/IRE Premiership

Prize Money Awarded:
$469,747.06 From 50 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2009-01-31 to

Top Game Rankings For ESL Pro Series UK / ESL UK/IRE Premiership

1.» Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$245,165.80308 Players24 Tournaments
2.» League of Legends$56,851.48111 Players7 Tournaments
3.» Counter-Strike: Source$56,061.4654 Players4 Tournaments
4.» Rainbow Six Siege$44,746.6161 Players4 Tournaments
5.» Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare$38,225.2832 Players2 Tournaments
6.» Hearthstone$14,484.865 Players2 Tournaments
7.» Counter-Strike$4,835.820 Players1 Tournament
8.» TrackMania Nations Forever$4,573.576 Players3 Tournaments
9.» Quake III Arena$3,004.564 Players1 Tournament
10.» Quake Live$1,020.904 Players1 Tournament
11.» StarCraft II$776.724 Players1 Tournament