ESL Pro Series UK / ESL UK/IRE Premiership

Prize Money Awarded:
$422,565.40 From 48 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2009-01-31 to

Top Country Rankings For ESL Pro Series UK / ESL UK/IRE Premiership

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$286,256.45336 Players
2.Sweden Sweden$24,046.7137 Players
3.Netherlands Netherlands$9,079.9916 Players
4.Ireland Ireland$7,797.8515 Players
5.Lithuania Lithuania$7,269.208 Players
6.France France$6,992.747 Players
7.Estonia Estonia$4,773.417 Players
8.Denmark Denmark$4,765.9316 Players
9.Latvia Latvia$4,569.752 Players
10.Poland Poland$4,538.3612 Players
11.Germany Germany$4,016.838 Players
12.Greece Greece$3,792.314 Players
13.Bulgaria Bulgaria$3,456.505 Players
14.Norway Norway$2,354.186 Players
15.Spain Spain$1,726.422 Players
16.Serbia Serbia$1,725.135 Players
17.Croatia Croatia$1,631.922 Players
18.Belgium Belgium$1,617.933 Players
19.Azerbaijan Azerbaijan$1,513.151 Player
20.Pakistan Pakistan$1,433.531 Player
21.Finland Finland$1,148.023 Players
22.Austria Austria$634.752 Players
23.Italy Italy$357.882 Players
24.Czech Republic Czech Republic$305.341 Player
25.Hungary Hungary$293.211 Player
26.Switzerland Switzerland$291.951 Player
27.Turkey Turkey$232.281 Player
28.Russian Federation Russian Federation$204.632 Players
29.Hong Kong Hong Kong$183.631 Player
30.Slovakia Slovakia$174.131 Player
31.Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago$136.821 Player
32.Kosovo, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of$112.441 Player
33.Romania Romania$103.651 Player
34.Israel Israel$44.491 Player