Player Rankings

100 Oldest Players

This list represents the oldest players in esports who won prize money based on information published on the internet. Sources include news articles, forum posts, live report threads, interviews, official statements, reliable databases, VODs and other publicly-accessable sources that preserve "historical" information.

 Player IDPlayer NameDOB (Age)Total (Overall)Highest Paying Game
1.Malaysia ᴠᴏᴏᴅᴏᴏ°ᴺᴱᴹHAIRUL HISHAM AB WAHAB1919-08-02 (100)$50.00Free Fire
2.Germany Uwe LängerUwe Länger1960-08-20 (59)$
3.Netherlands Joep WillemsenJoep Willemsen1960-11-18 (59)$
4.United States FatalChris Bond1964-03-02 (55)$50,000.00Descent 3
5.Netherlands J van der GeestJ van der Geest1964-06-30 (55)$
6.Denmark Jan BroneeJan Bronee1964-11-09 (55)$
7.Italy Ivan BassoIvan Basso1966-04-19 (53)$
8.United States SirScootsScott Smith1966-08-26 (53)$200.00Counter-Strike
9.Italy Danilo PiazzaDanilo Piazza1967-03-31 (52)$
10.Sweden Jörgen WahlbyJörgen Wahlby1968-07-11 (51)$
11.Germany Michael G HerrmannMichael G Herrmann1969-03-07 (50)$
12.United States VidnessRick Payton1969-12-13 (49)$0.00Marvel vs. Capcom 2
13.Denmark Peter DolmeyerPeter Dolmeyer1970-03-10 (49)$
14.Italy Doriano RicchiutiDoriano Ricchiuti1970-07-27 (49)$
15.France Bruno FontalbaBruno Fontalba1971-02-05 (48)$
16.United States Jason FleischliJason Fleischli1971-03-03 (48)$
17.United States InsaneKILLPablo Vega1971-04-09 (48)$25.00Quake III Arena
18.United Kingdom L0rindaNeil Bond1971-09-08 (48)$429.24Hearthstone
19.United Kingdom ODEEMichael O'Dell1971-10-06 (48)$784.13World in Conflict
20.United Kingdom ReDeYePaul Chaloner1971-11-11 (48)$89.97Unreal Tournament 2004
21.France Joel GuezJoel Guez1973-11-21 (46)$
22.United States Christian SzymczakChristian Szymczak1974-03-04 (45)$
23.United States omniskillzKim, Woo Jin1974-11-09 (45)$11,953.54H1Z1
24.United States Kenneth McCullough JrKenneth McCullough Jr1975-03-28 (44)$
25.Korea, Republic of [B_Blade]LeaderKim Seon1975-10-07 (44)$6,722.18StarCraft: Brood War
26.Portugal Nilton CarvalhoNilton Carvalho1975-12-26 (43)$
27.United States Brad NeerBrad Neer1976-05-06 (43)$
28.Netherlands Marco DerixMarco Derix1976-07-20 (43)$
29.Netherlands Arno GijbenArno Gijben1976-09-18 (43)$
30.Finland Janne KiuruJanne J Kiuru1976-10-06 (43)$
31.Sweden DOOMerTomi Kärnä1976-10-18 (43)$13,145.00Quake III Arena
32.Germany Jens WeberJens Weber1977-01-04 (42)$
33.Bulgaria Steliyan ChepilevskiSteliyan Chepilevski1977-02-04 (42)$1,
34.United States ThreshDennis Fong1977-03-11 (42)$21,000.00QuakeWorld
35.Germany Nick HeidfeldNick Heidfeld1977-05-10 (42)$20,000.00rFactor 2
36.United States djWHEATMarcus Graham1977-05-12 (42)$200.00Quake III Arena
37.Spain MembTVDaniel Molina1977-07-21 (42)$0.00Age of Empires II
38.Russian Federation MrKotKonstantin Vanisov1977-11-11 (42)$5,000.00Need for Speed: Underground 2
39.United States adanYUKIAdnan Rana1978-01-01 (41)$2,500.00Virtua Fighter 5
40.United States King0rJames King1978-02-26 (41)$550.00Quake III Arena
41.United States Alex ValleAlex Valle1978-04-11 (41)$8,624.94Super Street Fighter II Turbo
42.United States SoSoWayne Chiang1978-04-25 (41)$11,861.09StarCraft: Brood War
43.United States Tyler DaltonTyler Dalton1978-05-28 (41)$
44.Italy Carlo LabatiCarlo Labati1978-11-25 (40)$
45.Canada Aron MacEachernAron MacEachern1978-12-27 (40)$
46.Sweden bdsAnderas Thorstensson1979-01-29 (40)$400.00Counter-Strike
47.Taiwan, Republic of China GamerBeeBruce Hsiang1979-04-08 (40)$55,861.66Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
48.Japan SakoNaoto, Sako1979-04-09 (40)$45,186.35Super Street Fighter II Turbo
49.Sweden Roland EhnströmRoland Ehnström1979-05-03 (40)$1,
50.Belgium UNITY BabarxxlLaurent Huygens1979-05-08 (40)$56.00Project Cars
51.Spain aNouCAna Oliveras Daví1979-05-18 (40)$2,070.35Counter-Strike
52.United States MuiyMatt Huey1979-09-29 (40)$300.00Quake III Arena
53.Finland Greger HuttuGreger Huttu1979-09-30 (40)$95,958.33rFactor 2
54.Korea, Republic of nO.1Yoo, Byung Joon1979-10-08 (40)$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
55.Korea, Republic of IntoTheRainIm, Sung Choon1979-12-08 (39)$5,393.24StarCraft: Brood War
56.France OlicharanNtep Olivier1979-12-08 (39)$2,807.39Counter-Strike
57.Netherlands Robbert de RooijRobbert de Rooij1979-12-18 (39)$
58.Korea, Republic of St.EagleKim, Dae Kun1979-12-27 (39)$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
59.United States N1k0nVince Cleveland1980-01-01 (39)$1,600.00Quake Live
60.Korea, Republic of AutumnSong, Byung Seok1980-01-29 (39)$17,545.59StarCraft: Brood War
61.Korea, Republic of shinobiHan, Dong Heon1980-02-11 (39)$5,000.00Dead or Alive Ultimate
62.Denmark jAMBAZZMikkel Nielsen1980-02-23 (39)$977.56Counter-Strike
63.Singapore Danny13Danny Koo1980-03-07 (39)$5,000.00Virtua Fighter 5
64.United Kingdom Andy GortonAndy Gorton1980-03-07 (39)$
65.Korea, Republic of TheBOyKook, Ki Bong1980-03-19 (39)$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
66.Korea, Republic of FreemuraChoi Woo1980-03-22 (39)$8,831.60StarCraft: Brood War
67.Russian Federation 400KgEvgeniy Gapchenko1980-04-08 (39)$10,338.84Counter-Strike
68.Korea, Republic of Sinji_NTLim, Jung Ho1980-04-15 (39)$336.86StarCraft: Brood War
69.Italy ChampionFrancesco Di Dio1980-05-11 (39)$10,000.00FIFA 2001
70.Sweden MikkOscar Bergkrans1980-05-15 (39)$564.46Counter-Strike
71.Korea, Republic of LoveKim, Kap Yong1980-05-25 (39)$884.25StarCraft: Brood War
72.Sweden LakermaNOskar Ljungström1980-07-14 (39)$46,767.01Quake III Arena
73.Sweden SwiftRalf Carneborn1980-09-02 (39)$2,141.02Counter-Strike
74.Korea, Republic of BoxeRLim, Yo Hwan1980-09-04 (39)$171,858.91StarCraft II
75.United States KiblerBrian Kibler1980-09-07 (39)$29,825.00Hearthstone
76.Korea, Republic of JongMiLee, Jong Mi1980-09-07 (39)$987.66StarCraft: Brood War
77.Sweden PottiTommy Ingemarsson1980-09-18 (39)$65,395.86Counter-Strike
78.Canada Bob KudelskiAdam Giles1980-10-12 (39)$292.74NHL '94
79.United States MaynardMiguel Bombach1980-10-14 (39)$800.00StarCraft: Brood War
80.Ukraine White-RaAleksey Krupnyk1980-11-15 (39)$62,927.77StarCraft II
81.United States socratesJason Sylka1981-01-01 (38)$34,750.00Quake III Arena
82.Netherlands Myth_OsirisTim Taminiau1981-01-01 (38)$2,975.00Age of Empires II
83.China mtyMa, Tian Yuan1981-01-02 (38)$4,750.00StarCraft: Brood War
84.Netherlands Roy VisserRoy Visser1981-01-08 (38)$
85.Sweden eVERLASTVictor Martin1981-01-13 (38)$650.00StarCraft: Brood War
86.Korea, Republic of LordOfGroundYoo, Myung Chun1981-01-16 (38)$10,000.00Need for Speed: Underground
87.Korea, Republic of EugeneAhn, Hyung Mo1981-01-24 (38)$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
88.Spain Santiago Niza FerrerSantiago Niza Ferrer1981-02-05 (38)$
89.France ElkYBertrand Gropellier1981-02-08 (38)$16,255.79StarCraft: Brood War
90.Korea, Republic of V-GundamJo, Jung Hyun1981-02-12 (38)$371.99StarCraft: Brood War
91.United States LouderDavid Fells1981-02-18 (38)$950.00StarCraft: Brood War
92.Korea, Republic of fOruLee, Jae Hoon1981-02-22 (38)$32,541.54StarCraft: Brood War
93.Korea, Republic of MarineJung, Yoo Seok1981-02-25 (38)$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
94.United States Fatal1tyJohnathan Wendel1981-02-26 (38)$458,089.23Quake III Arena
95.Korea, Republic of GARIMTOKim, Dong Soo1981-03-01 (38)$25,138.08StarCraft: Brood War
96.Korea, Republic of LotemPark, Kyung Tae1981-03-15 (38)$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
97.United States demonicOleg Zhovnir1981-03-18 (38)$50.00Quake III Arena
98.Korea, Republic of SonjjangSon, Seung Wan1981-03-23 (38)$2,448.30StarCraft: Brood War
99.Korea, Republic of HeavenYoon, Jung Min1981-03-30 (38)$371.99StarCraft: Brood War
100.Korea, Republic of ShinZ_KmShin, Eui Wook1981-04-03 (38)$3,000.00Virtua Fighter 5