This list represents the ages of players in eSports who won the most prize money. Only the earnings of players with their date of birth recorded will be accounted for on this list.

Highest Earnings By Age

1.22 Years Old$31,693,164.851382 Players
2.21 Years Old$27,153,888.461505 Players
3.20 Years Old$27,020,165.141582 Players
4.24 Years Old$25,695,207.44926 Players
5.23 Years Old$24,360,038.851188 Players
6.19 Years Old$20,820,539.791448 Players
7.25 Years Old$19,901,670.08725 Players
8.18 Years Old$17,100,758.021137 Players
9.26 Years Old$10,141,366.58567 Players
10.27 Years Old$8,115,377.77394 Players
11.17 Years Old$6,721,486.89777 Players
12.16 Years Old$3,836,541.76415 Players
13.28 Years Old$3,564,652.16262 Players
14.29 Years Old$2,227,417.71177 Players
15.30 Years Old$1,357,535.65113 Players
16.15 Years Old$936,668.63168 Players
17.31 Years Old$506,798.2070 Players
18.33 Years Old$212,718.7520 Players
19.32 Years Old$202,808.0537 Players
20.34 Years Old$133,515.6816 Players
21.14 Years Old$128,902.2552 Players
22.35 Years Old$84,733.4112 Players
23.36 Years Old$55,513.586 Players
24.13 Years Old$42,167.4319 Players
25.39 Years Old$20,000.001 Player
26.41 Years Old$9,353.541 Player
27.37 Years Old$7,914.242 Players
28.12 Years Old$3,540.043 Players
29.40 Years Old$2,700.002 Players
30.38 Years Old$2,059.502 Players
31.10 Years Old$300.001 Player
32.43 Years Old$277.051 Player
33.44 Years Old$152.191 Player
34.45 Years Old$0.001 Player