Player Rankings

Top 100 Highest Earnings At 42 Years Old

This list represents the top players in esports who won the most prize money specifically when they were 42 years old. Only players with their date of birth recorded will appear on this list.

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Age)Highest Paying GameTotal (Age/Game)% of Total
1.Japan SakoNaoto, Sako$12,850.40Street Fighter V: Champion Edition$12,600.4098.05%
2.United States ZatonskihAnnaAnna Zatonskih$2,234.61Lichess$2,000.0089.50%
3.Taiwan, Republic of China GamerBeeBruce Hsiang$2,000.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition$2,000.00100.00%
4.Bulgaria GMStefanovaAntoaneta Stefanova$2,$2,000.00100.00%
5.United States GregShahadeGregory Shahade$1,$1,045.62100.00%
6.United States SteveAokiSteve Aoki$1,000.00Call of Duty: Warzone$1,000.00100.00%
7.Russian Federation MKO78Mikhail Kobalia$$146.6393.62%
8.United States Alex ValleAlex Valle$146.34Street Fighter Alpha 2$146.34100.00%
9.United States Brad NeerBrad Neer$$50.00100.00%
10.Canada Aron MacEachernAron MacEachern$$25.00100.00%
11.Greece ArnelosHristodoulos Banikas$15.00Lichess$15.00100.00%
12.France Joel GuezJoel Guez$$12.36100.00%
13.Indonesia dannkorDani Kordiat$1.71Lichess$1.71100.00%