Wang "Infi" Xu Wen - WarCraft III Player

Wang, Xu Wen
Date of Birth:
September 14, 1989
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$322,239.73 From 114 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
Infi, TyLoo.Infi, VG.Infi, WE.Infi, WE.Pepsi.Infi

Results by Highest Prize Won

1.2014-10-051st» World Cyber Arena 2014 (WC3)CN¥300,000$48,870.00WarCraft III
2.2008-11-021st» WEM 2008 (WarCraft III)-$15,000.00WarCraft III
3.2009-11-151st» WCG 2009 (WarCraft III)-$14,000.00WarCraft III
4.2014-09-071st» WEC 2014 (WarCraft 3)CN¥80,000$13,028.24WarCraft III
5.2010-10-232nd» BlizzCon 2010 (WarCraft III)-$10,000.00WarCraft III
6.2007-08-121st» IEF 2007 (WarCraft III)-$10,000.00WarCraft III
7.2010-10-301st» IEF 2010 (Warcraft III)-$10,000.00WarCraft III
8.2008-05-111st» KODE5 2008 (WarCraft III)-$10,000.00WarCraft III
9.2015-07-121stElectronic Sports China Cup 2015 (WarCraft 3)CN¥60,000$9,246.30WarCraft III
10.2019-01-111st» Warcraft Gold League 2018 - Grand FinalCN¥60,000$8,884.80WarCraft III
11.2015-07-051st» WCA 2015 Chinese Qualifiers (WarCraft 3)CN¥50,000$8,056.00WarCraft III
12.2012-01-071st» G-League 2011 Season 3 (WarCraft III)CN¥50,000$7,925.81WarCraft III
13.2011-10-151st» G-League 2011 Season 2 (WarCraft III)CN¥50,000$7,838.22WarCraft III
14.2016-09-031st» WCA 2016 Chinese Qualifier #2 (WC3)CN¥50,000$7,489.00WarCraft III
15.2016-01-241st» Golden Championship Series - Season 1 (1v1)CN¥40,000$6,087.28WarCraft III
16.2018-08-262nd» Master's Coliseum 2018 (WC3)CN¥40,000$6,040.80WarCraft III
17.2009-11-012nd» IEF 2009 (WarCraft III)-$5,000.00WarCraft III
18.2014-01-051stJingdong WarCraft III Cup-$4,956.00WarCraft III
19.2014-12-211st» WGT 2014 Finals (WC3)CN¥30,000$4,821.30WarCraft III
20.2015-12-034thi-league Season 4CN¥30,000$4,687.64Hearthstone
21.2015-12-251stPGL - Return of the Kings 2015CN¥30,000$4,642.08WarCraft III
22.2008-11-301st» China vs Korea Season III (Individual)CN¥30,000$4,394.51WarCraft III
23.2014-10-251stBoGou Cup: Grand FinalsCN¥25,000$4,087.45WarCraft III
24.2015-07-172ndESL Warcraft III Invitational ShanghaiCN¥20,000$3,220.68WarCraft III
25.2014-12-272nd» G-League 2014 (WC3)CN¥20,000$3,211.08WarCraft III
26.2011-04-241st» ECL 2011 Season 1 (WarCraft III)CN¥20,000$3,073.28WarCraft III
27.2011-01-061st» WGT 2010 Global Final (WarCraft III)CN¥20,000$3,017.84WarCraft III
28.2017-08-222nd» Golden Championship Series 2017 SummerCN¥20,000$3,015.70WarCraft III
29.2010-08-151st» ECL 2010 Season 3 (WarCraft III)CN¥20,000$2,943.73WarCraft III
30.2016-05-182ndNWL King of Kings Season 1₩3,500,000$2,936.50WarCraft III
31.2009-06-222nd» IEF 2009 China Finals (WarCraft III)CN¥20,000$2,926.12WarCraft III
32.2009-01-103rd-4thPGL Season 4 (WarCraft III)CN¥20,000$2,925.49WarCraft III
33.2008-04-202nd» WarCraft III NSL 2 FinalsCN¥20,000$2,859.63WarCraft III
34.2011-09-043rd-4thChina 1st 3D Electronic Games-$2,800.00StarCraft II
35.2018-02-043rd-4th» Golden Championship Series 2017 - Grand FinalCN¥15,000$2,387.70WarCraft III
36.2011-08-092nd» CPL Invitational 2011 (WarCraft III)CN¥15,000$2,332.13WarCraft III
37.2017-12-304th» Neo Star League 2017 (WC3)CN¥15,000$2,298.15WarCraft III
38.2017-02-123rdTeam-based Tournament Nostalgia BattlefieldCN¥15,000$2,181.00WarCraft III
39.2011-10-093rd» IEF 2011 (Warcraft III)-$2,000.00WarCraft III
40.2012-11-033rd» IEF 2012 (WarCraft III)-$2,000.00WarCraft III
41.2008-05-031stTeam-based Tournament Road of the King-$2,000.00WarCraft III
42.2009-01-121stTeam-based Tournament » WC3L Season XIV Finals€1,500.00$1,991.96WarCraft III
43.2013-06-163rd» WGT 2013 Global Final (WarCraft III)CN¥10,000$1,631.14WarCraft III
44.2013-05-193rd» NVIDIA Game Festival 2013 (StarCraft II)CN¥10,000$1,629.06StarCraft II
45.2014-09-282ndTeam-based Tournament » NEL Summer 2014CN¥10,000$1,627.05Hearthstone
46.2015-07-063rd-4th» G-League 2015 (WC3)CN¥10,000$1,609.68WarCraft III
47.2010-08-112nd» NESO 2010 (WC3)CN¥10,000$1,600.00WarCraft III
48.2011-09-252ndTeam-based Tournament » Wuxi Cup 2011 (WarCraft III)CN¥10,000$1,565.44WarCraft III
49.2018-06-103rd» Golden Championship Series - Summer 2018CN¥10,000$1,560.00WarCraft III
50.2011-01-163rd» ECL 2010 Finals (WarCraft III)CN¥10,000$1,517.77WarCraft III
51.2016-08-14LOSETeam-based Tournament » WCA 2016: China vs. KoreaCN¥10,000$1,505.22WarCraft III
52.2016-10-011stYuwan CupCN¥10,000$1,498.08WarCraft III
53.2019-01-303rdDouyu Thunder Fire CupCN¥10,000$1,490.00WarCraft III
54.2008-07-273rd» WCG China Finals 2008 (WarCraft III)CN¥10,000$1,464.90WarCraft III
55.2008-12-084th» IEF 2008 (WarCraft III)CN¥10,000$1,453.37WarCraft III
56.2017-04-221stChina Internet Gaming 2017CN¥10,000$1,450.89WarCraft III
57.2016-01-106thTeam-based Tournament Hearthstone Team Story 2015 - Chapter ICN¥9,143$1,391.12Hearthstone
58.2018-08-083rd» AfreecaTV Warcraft League 2018 - Season 2₩1,500,000$1,376.31WarCraft III
59.2014-09-142ndESCCCN¥10,000$1,250.00WarCraft III
60.2010-11-077th-8th» WEM 2010 (WarCraft III)-$1,000.00WarCraft III
61.2008-06-164thTeam-based Tournament » WC3L Season XIII Finals€600.00$920.58WarCraft III
62.2010-05-133rd» ECL 2010 Season 1 (WarCraft III)CN¥6,000$878.17WarCraft III
63.2014-04-295th-8thIET 2014CN¥5,000$798.81WarCraft III
64.2011-12-317th-8th» ECL 2011 Finals (WarCraft III)CN¥5,000$794.37WarCraft III
65.2018-04-243rdColor Cup - Spring SeasonCN¥5,000$793.75WarCraft III
66.2018-01-212ndSeer CupCN¥5,000$769.80WarCraft III
67.2016-06-024th» Golden Championship Series 2016 - 1v1CN¥5,000$759.28WarCraft III
68.2016-06-177th-8thROBAM - Boss of Warcraft 3 2016CN¥5,000$752.26WarCraft III
69.2010-04-144thAlienware TopGamer-$750.00WarCraft III
70.2009-08-304th» EOG 2009 (WarCraft III)CN¥5,000$731.96WarCraft III
71.2009-08-233rd» WCG China Finals 2009 (WarCraft III)CN¥5,000$731.81WarCraft III
72.2017-01-017th-8th» Golden Championship Series 2016 Fall SeasonCN¥5,000$720.10WarCraft III
73.2012-10-1417th-24th» WCS 2012: Asia-$700.00StarCraft II
74.2006-10-293rdCEG Chengdu 2006CN¥5,000$633.75WarCraft III
75.2017-09-121st» Hols Cup Week 9₩700,000$632.87WarCraft III
76.2011-10-254th» ECL 2011 Season 3 (WarCraft III)CN¥4,000$628.39WarCraft III
77.2009-12-195th-8th» WEM 2009 (WarCraft III)-$500.00WarCraft III
78.2018-03-041st» GCS Summer Season - February QualifierCN¥3,000$473.00WarCraft III
79.2016-08-273rdMo CupCN¥3,000$449.34WarCraft III
80.2018-05-085th-8th» AfreecaTV Warcraft League 2018 - Season 1₩450,000$417.47WarCraft III
81.2017-11-225th-8th» AfreecaTV Warcraft League 2017 - Season 2₩450,000$396.90WarCraft III
82.2017-04-02WINTeam-based Tournament » ReMinD Cup - China vs Korea₩445,750$392.26WarCraft III
83.2010-10-176th» ECL 2010 Season 4 (WarCraft III)CN¥2,500$376.42WarCraft III
84.2016-11-283rdTeam-based Tournament » Douyu Star Invitational - 2on2 FinalsCN¥2,500$361.88WarCraft III
85.2013-11-193rdAWC Season 3₩350,000$331.30WarCraft III
86.2018-05-142ndTeam-based Tournament 2v2 Sanmao CupCN¥2,000$314.29WarCraft III
87.2016-02-282ndCelestial Alpha 1CN¥2,000$305.74Hearthstone
88.2017-12-103rdTeam-based Tournament TeD 2v2 CupCN¥2,000$303.98WarCraft III
89.2012-07-155th-8th» WCS 2012: China-$300.00StarCraft II
90.2017-08-291st» Hols Cup Week 7₩300,000$269.52WarCraft III
91.2007-11-193rdTeam-based Tournament » WC3L Season XII Finals€166.67$244.29WarCraft III
92.2017-07-095th-6th» Taidu Esports MastersCN¥1,617$237.62WarCraft III
93.2019-01-036th» W-League 2018 Super LeagueCN¥1,600$233.01WarCraft III
94.2008-11-30WINTeam-based Tournament » China vs Korea Season III (KOF)CN¥1,500$219.73WarCraft III
95.2014-03-291stTeam-based Tournament War3 Forever Double Cup 31CN¥1,250$201.50WarCraft III
96.2010-08-017th-8th» IEM V - Shanghai (WarCraft III)-$200.00WarCraft III
97.2007-05-305th-6th» MBCGame WWW III 2007-$200.00WarCraft III
98.2012-08-147th-8thAWC Season 1₩200,000$176.88WarCraft III
99.2017-09-262nd» Hols Cup Week 11₩200,000$174.39WarCraft III
100.2017-11-199th-12th» Golden Championship Series 2017 WinterCN¥1,000$150.73WarCraft III
101.2009-12-094th» G-League 2009 Season VIII (WarCraft III)CN¥1,000$150.23WarCraft III
102.2010-07-059th-16th» ECL 2010 Season 2 (WarCraft III)CN¥1,000$147.56WarCraft III
103.2012-02-25WIN» ZOTAC Cup Warcraft III #226€100.00$134.51WarCraft III
104.2018-04-013rd» GCS Summer Season - March QualifierCN¥800$126.13WarCraft III
105.2017-09-193rd-4th» Hols Cup Week 10₩100,000$90.41WarCraft III
106.2017-09-052nd» Hols Cup Week 8₩100,000$90.41WarCraft III
107.2017-12-052nd» Hols Cup Week 14₩100,000$87.20WarCraft III
108.2017-12-122nd» Hols Cup Week 15₩100,000$87.20WarCraft III
109.2014-07-053rdBoGou Cup June - FinalCN¥500$80.58WarCraft III
110.2017-04-142ndTeam-based Tournament TeD Cup #1CN¥500$72.60WarCraft III
111.2017-05-063rdTeam-based Tournament TeD Cup #2CN¥500$72.43WarCraft III
112.2014-11-025th-8thHF All-Stars Season 4CN¥200$32.56WarCraft III
113.2017-03-30LOSE» To Be The King #1: Infi vs. LawLietCN¥200$28.98WarCraft III
114.2013-08-175th-8th» Ifeng Cup Week 3 (SC2)CN¥100$16.33StarCraft II


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