Wang "Infi" Xu Wen - WarCraft III Player

Wang, Xu Wen
Date of Birth:
September 14, 1989
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$322,239.73 From 114 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
Infi, TyLoo.Infi, VG.Infi, WE.Infi, WE.Pepsi.Infi

Earnings Compared To Other Players

China title= 120Guo, Zi Xiang+$240,728.28
Korea, Republic of title= CheckLee, Hyung Joo+$237,917.56
China title= ChinaHumanBin Guo+$312,239.73
China title= ClavieTianning Chen+$319,850.51
China title= ColaGirlZhu, Li+$320,239.73
China title= Colorful-, -+$314,097.09
China title= CommShen, Hui+$302,857.99
China title= CoolXianXu, Yongxian+$320,716.57
China title= CourageQian, Zanqi+$310,323.55
Norway title= CreolophusOlav Undheim+$268,460.76
China title= CXQ-, -+$317,830.43
China title= CyanMin, Huang+$257,928.83
Russian Federation title= DeadmanAndrey Sobolev+$269,913.75
Bulgaria title= DIDI8Dimitar Aleksandrov+$301,874.22
China title= EinKun, Gao+$308,716.60
China title= EleGaNtRen, Jingyang+$300,024.92
China title= F91Feng, Sun Yi+$315,720.48
China title= Fly100%Lu, Weiliang+$89,663.80
Korea, Republic of title= FoCuSEom, Hyo Sub+$237,585.93
China title= ForDreamXie, Nan+$321,356.15
Korea, Republic of title= FoVCho, Dae Hui+$272,923.95
Sweden title= FuRySebastian Pesic+$307,087.79
Korea, Republic of title= GoStopKim, Dong Moon+$282,829.31
Netherlands title= GrubbyManuel Schenkhuizen-$36,665.38
China title= hainiu-, -+$318,233.72
Russian Federation title= HappyDmitry Kostin+$212,883.46
Germany title= HasuObsDennis Schneider+$97,784.01
Russian Federation title= HawkSergey Sherbakov+$303,385.48
China title= HopeStarZhen, Xu+$320,658.01
Ukraine title= HoTMykhaylo Novopashyn+$277,504.73
China title= iAsonuHang, Zhou+$169,082.00
Bulgaria title= InsomniaZdravko Georgiev+$276,856.05
China title= JimHui Cao, Jin+$198,987.11
China title= KenshinWenrui Zeng+$311,756.81
Korea, Republic of title= LawLietJo, Ju Yeon+$240,887.09
China title= LifeHao, Yan+$309,648.69
China title= LikeLi, Kejing+$297,537.69
China title= LonerDai, Yi+$291,028.84
United States title= LongWalkPhil Crawford+$299,293.63
China title= LoveCDLi, Jun Feng+$302,440.06
China title= LoveTtYin, Liu+$318,575.92
Korea, Republic of title= LuciferNoh, Jae Wook+$245,707.07
Spain title= LucifroNPedro Moreno Durán+$216,959.48
Korea, Republic of title= LynPark, Joon-$118,627.99
China title= MacSedXiang Hu+$216,593.69
Sweden title= MaDFroGFredrik Johansson+$269,645.83
China title= MagicYangChen, Hao Zhou+$319,614.73
China title= MayukiXue, Ma+$318,888.56
Germany title= miouDaniel Holthuis+$250,290.23
Korea, Republic of title= MoonJang, Jae Ho-$200,501.94
China title= MysteryJiajun, Hu+$309,874.87
Russian Federation title= NickerNikita Pomadov+$301,533.74
United States title= NilknarfFranklin Pearsall+$304,489.73
China title= PigeonZhu, Yingjie+$320,061.95
Korea, Republic of title= ReiGnKang, Seo Woo+$295,367.37
Korea, Republic of title= ReMinDKim, Sung Sik+$158,421.01
Korea, Republic of title= ReprisaLLee, Jong Seok+$307,092.13
China title= RomanticYuxing, Xu+$307,889.36
China title= SaiZhou, Cheng Long+$307,574.25
Sweden title= SaSeKim Hammar+$253,008.35
China title= ShanaYulun, Wang+$299,720.52
United States title= ShortroundDennis Chan+$304,564.73
Korea, Republic of title= ShyWoo, Park Chul+$309,361.79
China title= SkyLi, Xiaofeng+$61,542.07
Korea, Republic of title= SocceRYoon, Deok Man+$294,084.00
Korea, Republic of title= SoJuLee, Seong Deok+$289,108.09
Germany title= SpellMinh Nguyen+$300,387.05
China title= suhOHao Su+$306,022.21
China title= SuperZhang, Ming Lu+$307,649.68
Korea, Republic of title= SusiriaOh, Jung Ki+$298,776.22
Korea, Republic of title= SweetChun, Jung Hee+$242,952.55
China title= tbc_bm- -+$314,023.97
China title= TeDZhuo Zeng+$254,161.63
China title= TH000Huang, Xiang+$4,041.23
Germany title= ThePigJan Villwock+$305,194.89
France title= ToDYoan Merlo+$136,770.81
China title= TooDmingHuang, Hui Ming+$183,432.24
China title= TopHu, Tao+$279,175.12
China title= TrustMyselfLu, Aodan+$317,239.73
China title= TuO_Xie-, -+$320,834.90
China title= WFZWu, Fa Zhen+$290,902.72
Korea, Republic of title= WhOChang, Du Seop+$299,957.59
Korea, Republic of title= WinNerSKim, Jin Woo+$298,037.40
China title= WulinWu, Lin+$317,097.83
China title= xiaOtSun, Li Wei+$218,143.48
China title= XiGuaWang, Lei+$197,052.87
Germany title= XlorDDaniel Spenst+$274,662.54
China title= XluoSSong, Ying+$315,032.55
China title= xTiGerLiu, Hong Liang+$321,239.73
China title= XYXiang, Yao+$242,634.83
Germany title= yAwSMarc Förster+$276,766.61
China title= YumikoYu, Jiankai+$238,812.51
Korea, Republic of title= ZacardHwang, Tae-min+$287,739.76
China title= ZDRZhang, Day+$312,690.21
Croatia title= Zeus[19]Ivica Markovic+$302,010.64
China title= Zhou XixiZhou, XiXi+$296,630.75

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