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Overall Esports Stats For March 2019

Total Prize Money: $11,377,735.91
Total Tournaments: 504
Total Active Players: 4690
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $22,574.87
Mean Earnings/Player: $2,425.96
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $985.60
Median Earnings/Player: $319.55

Events of March 2019

DateNameTotal Prize
2019-03-312019 Blackhawks Chel Tourney$2,500.00
2019-03-31A&C Cup: Solo Edition$1,130.73
2019-03-31Alpha X MVP Cup$215.00
2019-03-31Alpha X Pro Series$657.00
2019-03-31Artifact Bitcoin League$4,050.00
2019-03-31Bouzi' Tournament 1$1,122.18
2019-03-31California Classic 3$110.00
2019-03-31CIS ESports Invitational$1,500.00
2019-03-31DemEyesRed Arena Cup$450.00
2019-03-31e-sport4u Double Elimination #34 (EU & NA)$200.00
2019-03-31Escape Gaming Showmatches$350.00
2019-03-31ESEA Rank G EU$15,000.00
2019-03-31ESEA Season 30$17,000.00
2019-03-31ESL Clash of Nations 2019$50,000.00
2019-03-31ESL Go4CS:GO$1,130.52
2019-03-31ESL UK/IRE Premiership - Spring 2019$28,546.37
2019-03-31FACEIT Pro League CS:GO$63,800.00
2019-03-31Gaming Gen 7$6,288.24
2019-03-31GG.BET AFL Frag Hunters$1,700.41
2019-03-31Go4Artifact Europe$570.00
2019-03-31GrubHub Sunday Showdown week 6$3,000.00
2019-03-31Int Cup UA - AZ$291.81
2019-03-31Iskandar Investment Esports Carnival 2019$12,246.20
2019-03-31League Championship Denmark 2019$3,772.13
2019-03-31Liga Portuguesa: Spring 2019$7,637.08
2019-03-31LoL SEA Tour Spring 2019 - Qualifiers$10,000.00
2019-03-31LPLOL 2019 - Split 1$11,812.50
2019-03-31Luxe Cup$97,400.00
2019-03-31Luxe Cup - Oceania$5,000.00
2019-03-31Massilia Winter Smash 2019$1,231.88
2019-03-31Mythic Cup$1,500.00
2019-03-31Mythic Invitational 2019$1,000,000.00
2019-03-31NorCal Regionals 2019$26,280.00
2019-03-31PUBG Korea Contenders 2019$41,700.00
2019-03-31PUBG Master League 2019$64,800.00
2019-03-31RavenZ Cup$200.00
2019-03-31Smash in Wittenberg 5 (Doubles)$235.60
2019-03-31Smash in Wittenberg 5 (Singles)$510.47
2019-03-31SmashErie Smash Ultimate #4$510.00
2019-03-31SOLARY CIRCUIT : WANTED$2,165.34
2019-03-31Sunday Smackdown 8 Interjection vs Rikikipu [Coaching]$50.00
2019-03-31Tournament of Future Champions - March EU$1,000.00
2019-03-31Trackmania Grand League Beta Season$1,704.42
2019-03-31United Masters League$100,000.00
2019-03-31WSOE 5: Hearthstone The Return of Jia$26,000.00
2019-03-30Apex Legends Challenge Asia Cup Finals$71,500.00
2019-03-30Apex On DLive Tournament 3$3,000.00
2019-03-30Banshee Tournament$413.00
2019-03-30BigWinSmash Ultimate Showdown #4$418.57
2019-03-30Blink Respawn$5,335.20
2019-03-30Couchwarriors QLD March Ranking Battle (SSBU Singles)$546.27
2019-03-30Cup #3 Europe$900.00
2019-03-30DAT BlastZone$1,045.86
2019-03-30Deadman Invitational Spring 2019$32,000.00
2019-03-30Dota MT League$462.73
2019-03-30Electronic Sports Festival 2019$17,957.72
2019-03-30eMLS Season 2 Finals$25,000.00
2019-03-30ESEA Rank G NA$15,000.00
2019-03-30ESL ANZ Championship 2019 (PUBG)$10,399.71
2019-03-30Esports Balkan League - Season 4$21,176.10
2019-03-30Gameworks Ultimate$1,885.02
2019-03-30GG.Bet Sydney Invitational$5,000.00
2019-03-30Go4Artifact Americas$500.00
2019-03-30Hard Read$820.00
2019-03-30Liquid Apex Proving Grounds$1,000.00
2019-03-30National Championship Series Minors - Fortnite$1,250.00
2019-03-30Player Versus Player (SSBU Singles)$521.72
2019-03-30Rusaoc Cup 2019$105.60
2019-03-30Strong Esports: 1k Premier Series #1$1,000.00
2019-03-30T1 x FACEIT Apex Legends Invitational$25,000.00
2019-03-30Time2Treaty Blitz Bash 2$150.00
2019-03-30Torneo Nacional Smash Ultimate Quito$234.00
2019-03-30UMG Apex Legends Series Week 4$4,000.00
2019-03-30WGC 2019 Invitational$160.00
2019-03-30WIRE Esports Apex Legends Global 1k Invitational$1,500.00
2019-03-29CoC March Qualifier$50,000.00
2019-03-29Code Red #3$25,000.00
2019-03-29CSW Season 2 King of the Hill (SFV AE)$4,615.00
2019-03-29CWL Blackout After Dark 2019$20,000.00
2019-03-29Cycom Weeklies$1,377.62
2019-03-29ESL Indonesia Championship Season 1$50,000.00
2019-03-29GPC Online 2019$1,022.40
2019-03-29TRUGAMING Invitational Tekken 7$110,000.00
2019-03-27Twitch Rivals 2019 - LoL$49,400.00
2019-03-27Ultraliga Season 1$26,326.00
2019-03-26OlimoLeague Weekly$600.00
2019-03-26Smash Quarter$550.01
2019-03-26Trackmania University Cup$226.15
2019-03-26Twitch Rivals 2019 - Apex Legends$99,250.00
2019-03-25CyberGamer StarCraft II$1,728.00
2019-03-25Escape Champions League$7,600.00
2019-03-25League of Rockets$2,000.00
2019-03-25Mini Fun Lol Cup$796.96
2019-03-24Aorus League - 2019$4,700.00
2019-03-24Apex Arena Weekly #6$150.00
2019-03-24Battleriff Pro League Season 2$10,000.00
2019-03-24Blackheart Cup$99,100.00
2019-03-24California Classic 2$120.00
2019-03-24Columbus Blue Jackets NHL 19$500.00
2019-03-24DreamLeague Season 11$1,000,000.00
2019-03-24Full Bloom 5$8,700.00
2019-03-24Gamers For Giving 2019 (Halo 3)$20,000.00
2019-03-24Gfinity LQE March$25,000.00
2019-03-24Good Game League 2019$2,627.40
2019-03-24GrubHub Sunday Showdown week 5$3,000.00
2019-03-24Heroes of Dutch Comic Con Spring 2019$1,130.44
2019-03-24Hitpoint Masters Season 11$3,131.10
2019-03-24Madden NFL 19 Canadian Challenge$15,000.00
2019-03-24March of Legends (NA)$1,000.00
2019-03-24META Madness March 2019$1,132.00
2019-03-24NES S5 - GT$800.00
2019-03-24NES S5 - P1$800.00
2019-03-24NES S5 - P2$800.00
2019-03-24Overwatch League - Season 2$500,000.00
2019-03-24PAM Shadowverse Open March Cup 2019$4,000.00
2019-03-24Premier Tour Winter 2018$28,267.50
2019-03-24PUBG Southeast Asia Championship 2019 - Phase 1$50,000.00
2019-03-24qihl Auto Chess Masters #2$400.00
2019-03-24Qualifications Team Grand-Est$587.84
2019-03-24Smashwick #3 (Singles)$633.06
2019-03-24Strong Esports Invitational$3,000.00
2019-03-24Synnex Myanmar Game Show 2019$854.41
2019-03-24The Box$303.73
2019-03-24The Fanatec 12h of Sebring 2019 - GT3$1,582.00
2019-03-24The Fanatec 12h of Sebring 2019 - GTE$1,582.00
2019-03-24The Fanatec 12h of Sebring 2019 - LMP2$1,582.00
2019-03-24Weekly Cup: NA 3v3$300.00
2019-03-24XP Esports Queensland Pro AM 2019$5,325.00
2019-03-23A1 Gaming League$3,292.90
2019-03-23Afreeca World Invitational$400.00
2019-03-23Asia Championship 2019$20,000.00
2019-03-23BLAST Pro Series: São Paulo 2019$250,000.00
2019-03-23Cup #2 Europe$900.00
2019-03-23Douyu Yule Cup$11,703.00
2019-03-23Dustin Expo Open$5,385.00
2019-03-23e-sport4u Double Elimination #33 (EU & NA)$200.00
2019-03-23Event by Ori: Victory Road (Singles)$715.01
2019-03-23GTR- 12h of Sebring 2019 - GT3$222.05
2019-03-23GTR- 12h of Sebring 2019 - GTE$222.05
2019-03-23GTR- 12h of Sebring 2019 - LMP2$222.05
2019-03-23Mother of the nation festival - Fortnite tournament$13,342.42
2019-03-23Oceanic Cup 2019$17,750.00
2019-03-23Playing with Fire$930.00
2019-03-23PUBG Korea League 2019$175,502.80
2019-03-23RESF Dota 2 Online Cups$1,029.53
2019-03-23Siege Rivals I$2,000.00
2019-03-23Stage142 2019 CS:GO$2,262.64
2019-03-23Surf League 1v1s$35.50
2019-03-23UMG Apex Legends Series Week 3$3,000.00
2019-03-23WSA: Sword$660.00
2019-03-23XP All Stars 2v2$100.00
2019-03-23Yo vs Lyx BO7 Showmatch$100.00
2019-03-22Eliope's Brawl Night 3$1,371.10
2019-03-22ESL LA League: Season 2$5,120.00
2019-03-22FNB 2019 NA #2$100.00
2019-03-22Hagondange Gaming Day 2019$909.98
2019-03-22Strong Esports: 1k Invitational Series #2 - Qualifier$500.00
2019-03-21ECS S7 - NA Series 2$25,000.00
2019-03-21Esports Championship Series Season 7$75,000.00
2019-03-20LOOT.BET Cup$35,000.00
2019-03-20Weekly Wednesdays #1$25.00
2019-03-18BCUP 2$2,456.82
2019-03-17Afreeca Starleague Season 7$71,040.00
2019-03-17Apex Arena Weekly #5$150.00
2019-03-17Collision 2019 (Singles)$3,870.00
2019-03-17CWL Fort Worth 2019$400,000.00
2019-03-17EURO Shadowverse Open March Cup 2019$3,800.00
2019-03-17Final Round 2019$48,800.00
2019-03-17GLL PUBG Daily Events$600.00
2019-03-17GrubHub Sunday Showdown week 4$3,000.00
2019-03-17GWENT Masters 2017/2018$25,000.00
2019-03-17HCS Invitational 2019$100,000.00
2019-03-17King of the Hippos Series$240.00
2019-03-17MainlineGG's Ancient Wars$1,350.00
2019-03-17MT SRS 02/2019$666.00
2019-03-17NChi Ultra (Doubles)$510.00
2019-03-17NChi Ultra (Singles)$900.00
2019-03-17PlayGain Open Frag Competition #1$1,000.00
2019-03-17PUBG Europe League Contenders 2019 - Phase 1$30,000.00
2019-03-17RAGE Shadowverse 2019 Spring Grand Finals$57,416.11
2019-03-17Road to Regen$638.40
2019-03-17SATURN Ultimate Smash #2 (Doubles)$149.54
2019-03-17SATURN Ultimate Smash #2 (Singles)$628.78
2019-03-17Scallywag Cup$100,300.00
2019-03-17WESG 2018$2,338,000.00
2019-03-16Apex Hero Live Challenge Cup$28,000.00
2019-03-16B3H Artifact Tournaments$100.00
2019-03-16Barrière Smash Tournament$3,399.20
2019-03-16Cup #1 Europe$900.00
2019-03-16Dual Smash #4$159.76
2019-03-16e-sport4u Double Elimination #32 (EU & NA)$200.00
2019-03-16Epulze Monthly Cup$500.00
2019-03-16ESL RS MAPFRE 2019$20,340.00
2019-03-16Final Round 2019 (BB:CTB)$570.00
2019-03-16Get Stomped On! #18$147.31
2019-03-16Get Stomped On! #18 (Doubles)$156.36
2019-03-16ISEFAC'UP Challenge #2$567.07
2019-03-16MT Only Immortals$221.41
2019-03-16Neo Upset City$321.00
2019-03-16Nh Raven's Smash For Cash Monthly #1$200.00
2019-03-16Second City Smash 2 (Singles)$2,330.00
2019-03-16Six Challenge Korea 2019$44,084.26
2019-03-16Spider E-Sports Apex Open$1,490.00
2019-03-16Surf's Up! Winter Invitational 2019$1,000.00
2019-03-16UMG Apex Legends Series Week 2$3,000.00
2019-03-15Code Red Fortnite Tournament 2019-03-15$10,000.00
2019-03-15Eliope's Brawl Night 2$1,371.10
2019-03-15FNB 2019 EU #2$100.00
2019-03-15King of Nordic - Season 13$1,702.70
2019-03-14APEKSIN LEGENDAT$350.00
2019-03-14Ludus Event #1$1,350.00
2019-03-14Trymacs Solo vs Squad Tournament$9,040.96
2019-03-13BTS Spring Cup$15,000.00
2019-03-13Thunder Fire Spring League$26,820.00
2019-03-12joinDOTA League Season 15$4,000.00
2019-03-12National PUBG League Contenders 2019$21,000.00
2019-03-11ASTRONAUTS Rocket League Cup$1,000.00
2019-03-11NCS Lite$200.00
2019-03-10Asia Community Cup$3,934.00
2019-03-10California Classic 1$75.00
2019-03-10Chronosphere Cup #2$2,502.00
2019-03-10Crepes & Controllers Plus #1 (SSBU Singles)$770.00
2019-03-10Cyber Arena Baku 5x5 CUP$294.60
2019-03-10Douyu PUBG Golden Legends - Season 6$44,640.00
2019-03-10FUT Champions Cup 2019 - Singapore$100,000.00
2019-03-10GrubHub Sunday Showdown week 3$3,000.00
2019-03-10HealthPoint Cup 2019$1,208.00
2019-03-10Heroes Lounge Nut Cup$1,800.00
2019-03-10Infinite Legends Championship$924.45
2019-03-10LCL Open Cup Spring 2019$15,100.00
2019-03-10LMES Americas Qualifier 5 (Sebring)$800.00
2019-03-10LMES Europe Qualifier 5 (Sebring)$200.00
2019-03-10LPCF S1$339.00
2019-03-10March of Legends (EU)$1,000.00
2019-03-10META '19$1,402.20
2019-03-10MLG GameBattles 1000 Series APAC$500.00
2019-03-10Nordic Championship - Spring 2019$21,303.20
2019-03-10Player One's $1000 Duo Tournament$1,000.00
2019-03-10Smash Ultimate Summit$55,745.72
2019-03-10StarLadder & ImbaTV - Dota 2 Minor Season 1$300,000.00
2019-03-10Sunday Smackdown 7 Lukas_L99 vs IamSoldieR$50.00
2019-03-10Ultimate Gamer$15,000.00
2019-03-10Ultimate Gamer Miami: Fortnite Head to Head$15,000.00
2019-03-09Argeking Cup III$53.41
2019-03-09e-sport4u Double Elimination #31 (EU & NA)$200.00
2019-03-09Elysium: Yggdrasil$1,977.65
2019-03-09Gold Professional Championship 2019$536.40
2019-03-09National PUBG League 2019 - Phase 1$200,000.00
2019-03-09Strong Esports 1k Invitational$1,000.00
2019-03-09Triple Showdown$171.99
2019-03-09WardiTV Katowice Afterparty$500.00
2019-03-09Yalla Cup 2019$5,300.00
2019-03-08Crossfire Practical League #5$28.25
2019-03-08Eliope's Brawl Night 1$1,371.10
2019-03-08FNB 2019 NA #1$100.00
2019-03-08UMG Apex Legends Series Week 1$3,000.00
2019-03-08Yggdrasil Legends 2v2$100.00
2019-03-07Player One Elite Series - Season 2$5,000.00
2019-03-06PPL CSGO$248.50
2019-03-06Solary Arena #1$1,130.45
2019-03-05OlimoLeague February 2019$500.00
2019-03-05Summoner's Inn League Season 2$4,778.35
2019-03-05Titled Tuesday March 2019$1,400.00
2019-03-03Apex Arena Weekly #4$150.00
2019-03-03Batallas de Yggdrasil - Vanaheim - LATAM$100.00
2019-03-03Colosseum Basel XI (SSBU Singles)$240.23
2019-03-03Crossfire Practical League #3$85.50
2019-03-03EC18 CS:GO$2,240.00
2019-03-03Epsilan 16$5,685.76
2019-03-03ESL Katowice Royale$500,000.00
2019-03-03ESL Pro League S9$10,327.20
2019-03-03Frag-o-Matic 21.0$5,062.50
2019-03-03Gaming WinterFest 2019 (TM2 Stadium)$1,705.76
2019-03-03GrubHub Sunday Showdown week 2$3,000.00
2019-03-03HCT 2018/19 - Winter Championship$250,000.00
2019-03-03High Roller (Doubles)$75.72
2019-03-03High Roller (Singles)$141.56
2019-03-03IEM Season XIII - Katowice Major 2019$1,400,000.00
2019-03-03JJB Spring Cup$29,822.00
2019-03-03MLG GameBattles 1000 Series APAC$500.00
2019-03-03Open Tour France 2019$11,260.00
2019-03-03Player One's $1000 Duo Tournament$1,000.00
2019-03-03SEAO Shadowverse Open March Cup 2019$4,000.00
2019-03-03Tech Republic IV$4,382.90
2019-03-03The General's Table$375.00
2019-03-02Apex Arena Weekly #3$150.00
2019-03-02Apex On DLive Tournament 2$11,050.00
2019-03-02Down Forward Fierce (SSBU)$49.89
2019-03-02DramaRLert Weekly 3v3$113.94
2019-03-02e-sport4u Double Elimination #30 (EU & NA)$200.00
2019-03-02LanTrek 2019$20,497.80
2019-03-02Osnabrücker Smash-Olymp: Melee$409.32
2019-03-02Osnabrücker Smash-Olymp: Ultimate$727.68
2019-03-02Push The Limit$1,270.00
2019-03-02ULTIMATE MAYHEM 3 (Singles)$392.27
2019-03-02WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Radiant$50,000.00
2019-03-02WES 1K Invitational: North American Qualifier$300.00
2019-03-01Brainscans League Finals #2$145.00
2019-03-01Code Red #2$25,000.00
2019-03-01Eliope's Super Smash 3$1,371.10
2019-03-01FNB 2019 EU #1$100.00
2019-03-01Gods of Boom Kick-Off 2019$50,000.00
2019-03-01I Wanna Smash XI$164.68
2019-03-01Lantrek 2019 (SSBU Singles)$341.20
2019-03-01Revival Cup #1$34.20