Dota MT League

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MT Gaming is a Ukrainian esports organization focused on creating and continuous development of professional teams.

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Ukraine Ukraine$736.5716 Players
2.Belarus Belarus$22.113 Players


2019-04-21MT Weekend 5x5 Cup #81,000 ГРн$37.08Dota 2 
2019-04-13MT Weekend 5x5 Cup #73,000 ГРн$111.79Dota 2 
2019-04-06MT Weekend 5x5 Cup #63,000 ГРн$111.98Dota 2 
2019-03-30MT Weekend 5x5 Cup #53,000 ГРн$109.43Dota 2 
2019-03-16MT Only Immortals6,000 ГРн$221.41Dota 2 
2019-03-16MT Weekend 5x5 Cup #42,000 ГРн$73.81Dota 2 
2019-03-09MT Weekend 5x5 Cup #33,000 ГРн$113.71Dota 2 
2019-03-03MT Dota 2x2 Weekend Cup1,500 ГРн$55.26Dota 2 
2019-03-02MT Weekend 5x5 Cup #23,000 ГРн$110.52Dota 2 
2019-02-23MT Weekend 5x5 Cup #13,000 ГРн$110.66Dota 2