Los Angeles Gladiators

Los Angeles Gladiators

Total Prize Money Earned:
$959,605.19 From 15 Tournaments

The Houston Outlaws are an Overwatch League franchise team representing Los Angeles, California. They are one of the league's twelve inaugural teams and is one of three professional Overwatch teams based in California along with the LA Valiant and San Francisco Shock. The team is owned by Kroenke brothers, Stan and Josh, owners of several sports franchises and founders of KSE Esports. The team is operated by the esports team Sentinels (formerly known as Phoenix1).

Los Angeles Gladiators Roster Summary

Overwatch (Gladiators Legion)$100,266.0010.45%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$358,535.7137.36%
2.Finland Finland$172,946.3918.02%
3.United States United States$134,253.5413.99%
4.Canada Canada$71,953.867.50%
5.Brazil Brazil$55,833.335.82%
6.Sweden Sweden$46,202.394.81%
7.Viet Nam Viet Nam$39,250.004.09%
8.Puerto Rico Puerto Rico$20,000.002.08%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Finland BigG00seBenjamin Isohanni$64,556.53
2.Finland ShazJonas Suovaara$64,556.53
3.Brazil HydrationJoão Pedro Telles$55,833.33
4.Canada SurefourLane Roberts$55,833.33
5.Korea, Republic of VoidKang, Jun Woo$55,833.33
6.Korea, Republic of PankerLee, Byung Ho$50,287.19
7.Korea, Republic of birdringKim, Ji Hyuk$39,250.00
8.Viet Nam MirroRChris Trịnh$39,250.00
9.United States SPACEIndy Halpern$39,250.00
10.Korea, Republic of DecayJang, Gui Un$35,833.33
11.Korea, Republic of r0arGye, Chang Hoon$35,833.33
12.Finland RipaRiku Toivanen$35,833.33
13.Korea, Republic of BischuKim, Hyung-seok$35,033.33
14.Sweden kevsterKevin Persson$31,250.00
15.United States MothGrant Espe$31,250.00
16.Korea, Republic of MuZeKim, Young Hun$31,250.00
17.Korea, Republic of ShuKim, Jin Seo$31,250.00
18.Korea, Republic of skewedKim, Min Seok$31,250.00
19.Korea, Republic of AsherChoi, Joon Seong$20,000.00
20.Korea, Republic of FissureBaek, Chan Hyung$20,000.00
21.Puerto Rico iRemiixLuis Galarza$20,000.00
22.United States silkthreadTed Wang$20,000.00
23.Canada RoolfRandal Stark$16,120.52
24.United States DaltonDalton Bennyhoff$11,314.02
25.Sweden LuddeeLudvig Håkansson$9,742.86


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