San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock

Total Prize Money Earned:
$4,265,000.00 From 14 Tournaments

The San Francisco Shock are an Overwatch League franchise team representing San Francisco, California. They are one of the league's twelve inaugural teams and is one of three professional Overwatch teams based in California along with the LA Gladiators and LA Valiant. The team is owned by Andy Miller, chairman and founder of NRG Esports.

San Francisco Shock Roster Summary


Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$2,746,849.2364.40%
2.United States United States$1,146,650.8226.89%
3.Japan Japan$181,500.004.26%
4.Sweden Sweden$156,666.673.67%
5.France France$25,000.000.59%
6.Spain Spain$4,166.670.10%
7.Mexico Mexico$4,166.670.10%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of Viol2tPark, Min Ki$456,896.82
2.Korea, Republic of StrikerKwon, Nam Joo$384,039.68
3.Korea, Republic of ChoiHyoBinChoi, Hyo Bin$341,777.78
4.United States superMatthew DeLisi$341,777.78
5.Korea, Republic of smurfYoo, Myeong Hwan$337,611.11
6.United States MothGrant Espe$316,777.78
7.Korea, Republic of RascalKim, Dong Jun$312,611.11
8.Korea, Republic of ANSLee, Seon Chang$189,277.78
9.Korea, Republic of TwilightLee, Joo Seok$189,277.78
10.Japan ta1yoSean Henderson$181,500.00
11.Korea, Republic of ArchitectPark, Min Ho$152,500.00
12.Sweden NevixAndreas Karlsson$152,500.00
13.United States sinatraaJay Won$152,500.00
14.United States ColugeColin Arai$119,285.72
15.Korea, Republic of FINNOh, Se Jin$119,285.72
16.Korea, Republic of kiloJung, Jin Woo$119,285.72
17.Korea, Republic of ProperKim, Dong Hyun$119,285.72
18.United States mikeyyMichael Konicki$114,285.72
19.United States s9mmSamuel Santos$47,857.15
20.France FDGodBrice Monsçavoir$25,000.00
21.Korea, Republic of GlisterLim, Gil Seong$25,000.00
22.United States neroCharlie Zwarg$25,000.00
23.United States babybayAndrej Francisty$12,500.00
24.United States sleepyNikola Andrews$12,500.00
25.United States DantehDanteh Cruz$4,166.67


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