NRG Esports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,435,101.85 From 140 Tournaments
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NRG Esports Roster Summary

Gears of War$12,950.000.90%
League of Legends$0.000.00%
Rocket League$201,826.3914.06%
Super Smash Bros$43,669.133.04%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$587,720.8540.95%
2.Sweden Sweden$389,400.0027.13%
3.Germany Germany$162,080.0011.29%
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$133,225.649.28%
5.Canada Canada$69,437.504.84%
6.Bulgaria Bulgaria$41,983.332.93%
7.Serbia Serbia$22,330.001.56%
8.Denmark Denmark$11,783.330.82%
9.Mexico Mexico$8,000.000.56%
10.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$5,982.910.42%
11.Portugal Portugal$5,000.000.35%
12.Hong Kong Hong Kong$500.000.03%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Sweden AdaptingKennet Ros$129,800.00
2.Sweden emilitooEmil Stärnman$129,800.00
3.United Kingdom iRafferCraig Rathbone$129,800.00
4.Sweden YammynAndré Brännvall$129,800.00
5.Germany NinjaDimiPeter Dimitrov$124,800.00
6.United States Fireburner_Jayson Nunez$64,520.84
7.United States FugLyJacob Medina$62,833.33
8.United States GarrettGGarrett Gordon$62,259.72
9.United States AmnesiacWilliam Barton$57,225.00
10.United States BrehzeVincent Cayonte$53,883.33
11.United States ptrPeter Gurney$52,550.00
12.Canada dapsDamian Steele$50,283.33
13.United States NairoNairoby Quezada$43,669.13
14.United States JacobJacob McDowell$42,504.17
15.Bulgaria CeRqCvetelin Nikolov$41,983.33
16.United States nahtEEthan Arnold$30,900.00
17.United States jstnJustin Morales$25,666.67
18.Germany gob bFatih Dayik$22,330.00
19.Serbia LEGIJANikola Ninić$22,330.00
20.Germany tabseNJohannes Wodarz$14,950.00
21.United States SileNt3mSamuel Portillo$13,580.00
22.Denmark AnJAllan Jensen$11,783.33
23.United States just9nJustin Ortiz$10,380.00
24.United States XcellsChristopher Hill$10,030.00
25.Canada LilmaNDerrick Boyne$9,937.50


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