Total Prize Money Earned:
$83,633.03 From 52 Tournaments

Phoenix1 Roster Summary

League of Legends$50,000.0059.78%
Super Smash Bros$25,633.0330.65%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$50,823.3360.77%
2.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$15,500.0018.53%
3.Canada Canada$7,750.009.27%
4.Iraq Iraq$3,750.004.48%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States TweekGavin Dempsey$17,086.77
2.Korea, Republic of ArrowNo, Dong Hyeon$7,750.00
3.Korea, Republic of RyuYoo, Sang Ook$7,750.00
4.Canada zigDerek Shao$7,750.00
5.United States StrifeCroCong Shu$7,500.00
6.United States CaptainZackZack Lauth$5,455.55
7.United States MikeYeungMichael Yeung$4,000.00
8.United States XpecialAlex Chu$4,000.00
9.United States AdrianAdrian Ma$3,750.00
10.Iraq InoriRami Charagh$3,750.00
11.United States MeteosWilliam Hartman$3,750.00
12.United States ShadyJordan Robison$3,750.00
13.United States StuntWilliam Chen$3,750.00
14.United States DuckJames Ma$1,618.01
15.United States MattyGMatt Ganshirt$580.00
16.United States SamsoraEzra Morris$561.30
17.United States Luhtie- -$169.80
18.United States Prince AbuAbhishek Prabhu$101.50
19.United States bangSean Bezerra$70.00
20.United States DerrekDerrek Ha$70.00
21.United States LearDayton Akau$70.00
22.United States MenaceJadin Wagner$70.00
23.United States TrickJustin Sears$70.00
24.United States CosmosBrian Kalu$40.00
25.United States Hxnter- -$30.00


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