Jaedong - Lee, Jae Dong

Lee "Jaedong" Jae Dong - StarCraft: Brood War Player

Lee, Jae Dong
Date of Birth:
January 9, 1990
Korean Age:
Korea, Republic of
Korea, Republic of
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$627,936.35 From 104 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
8thTEAM_JD, EGJDRC, EG_JD_RC, Jaedong, n.Die_Jaedong, n.Die_yOngKIN

Results by Team

$221,551.60 From 61 Tournaments
35.28% of Total Prize Money Earned

2016-02-0531st-60th» GSL Season 1 2016 (Code A)
₩2,000,000$1,666.00StarCraft II
2015-11-214th» GPL 2015 International Challenge
-$2,500.00StarCraft II
2015-11-211stTeam-based Tournament » GPL 2015 International Challenge (Archon Mode)
-$2,000.00StarCraft II
2015-09-139th-12th» WCS 2015 Season 3 Premier
-$6,000.00StarCraft II
2015-08-315th-8th» MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015 (SC2)
-$1,000.00StarCraft II
2015-08-232ndHell, It's Aboot Time
-$4,250.00StarCraft II
2015-08-21WINShowmatch Jaedong vs. PiLiPiLi
-$125.00StarCraft II
2015-07-053rd-4th» HomeStory Cup XI
-$2,500.00StarCraft II
2015-06-285th-8th» WCS 2015 Season 2 Premier
-$8,000.00StarCraft II
2015-06-215th-8th» Kung Fu Cup 2015 - Season 1
CN¥5,000$805.41StarCraft II
2015-05-151stThe Gauntlet Cup 1
-$650.00StarCraft II
2015-05-111st» Press Start LAN 2015 (SC2 - 1vs1)
-$1,250.00StarCraft II
2015-05-033rd-4th» Gfinity 2015 Spring Masters II (SC2)
-$1,000.00StarCraft II
2015-05-025th-8th» ASL Season 4 Prime
-$250.00StarCraft II
2015-04-24WIN» #RottiShowmatches April 2015
-$100.00StarCraft II
2015-04-194thDingIt Round Robin Invitational
-$200.00StarCraft II
2015-04-18WINTeam-based Tournament » SHOUTcraft: EG vs. Ascension
-$100.00StarCraft II
2015-04-055th-8th» Copenhagen Games 2015 (StarCraft II)
-$250.00StarCraft II
2015-02-22LOSE» Madals Showmatch: Jaedong vs. puCK
-$50.00StarCraft II
2015-01-105th-8th» ASL Season 3 Prime
-$100.00StarCraft II
2014-12-215th-8thCaseKing X-Mas Cup
€100.00$122.22StarCraft II
2014-12-213rd-4th» Kung Fu Cup 2014 - Season 1
CN¥3,000$482.13StarCraft II
2014-12-073rd-4th» IEM IX - San Jose (StarCraft 2)
-$2,000.00StarCraft II
2014-11-165th-8th» HomeStory Cup X
-$875.00StarCraft II
2014-11-089th-16th» WCS 2014 Global Finals
-$5,000.00StarCraft II
2014-10-1213th-16th» WCS North America 2014 Season 3 Premier
-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2014-09-275th-8th» DreamHack Stockholm 2014 (SC2)
-$1,000.00StarCraft II
2014-09-071st» WEC 2014 (StarCraft 2)
CN¥150,000$24,427.95StarCraft II
2014-08-2417th-32nd» Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit 2014
-$200.00StarCraft II
2014-08-095th-8thTaiwan eSports League 2014
NT$30,000.00$998.67StarCraft II
2014-07-203rd-4th» IEM IX - Shenzhen (StarCraft II)
-$2,000.00StarCraft II
2014-07-0625th-32nd» WCS North America 2014 Season 2 Premier
-$2,000.00StarCraft II
2014-06-163rd-4th» DreamHack Summer 2014 (StarCraft II)
-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2014-06-085th-8th» HomeStory Cup IX
-$875.00StarCraft II
2014-05-041st» Lone Star Clash 3 (SC2)
-$7,500.00StarCraft II
2014-04-273rd-4th» DreamHack Bucharest 2014 (StarCraft II)
-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2014-04-1325th-32nd» WCS North America 2014 Season 1 Premier
-$2,000.00StarCraft II
2014-03-24WINTeam-based Tournament » SHOUTcraft: EG vs. ST
-$100.00StarCraft II
2014-03-235th-8thVasacast Invitational 2014
-$100.00StarCraft II
2014-02-20WINTeam-based Tournament » SHOUTcraft: IM vs. EG
-$100.00StarCraft II
2014-02-163rd-4th» IEM VIII - Cologne (StarCraft II)
-$2,000.00StarCraft II
2014-02-015th-8th» Assembly Winter 2014 (StarCraft II)
-$1,000.00StarCraft II
2013-12-221st» Numericable M-House Cup 3
€3,000.00$4,101.89StarCraft II
2013-12-071st» NorthCon 2013 (StarCraft II)
-$10,000.00StarCraft II
2013-11-092nd» WCS 2013 Global Finals
-$45,000.00StarCraft II
2013-10-2713th-16th» WCS 2013 Season 3 Finals
-$5,000.00StarCraft II
2013-10-203rd-4th» WCS America 2013 Season 3 Premier
-$7,000.00StarCraft II
2013-09-143rdTeam-based Tournament SC2L
-$250.00StarCraft II
2013-08-252nd» WCS 2013 Season 2 Finals
-$20,000.00StarCraft II
2013-08-112nd» WCS America 2013 Season 2 Premier
-$12,000.00StarCraft II
2013-08-038thTeam-based Tournament » SK Planet Proleague Regular Season
₩416,667$370.54StarCraft II
2013-07-289th-12th» IEM VIII - Shanghai (StarCraft II)
-$400.00StarCraft II
2013-07-202nd» DreamHack Valencia 2013 (StarCraft II)
35,000 SEK$5,355.99StarCraft II
2013-06-307th-8th» MLG Spring Championship 2013 (StarCraft II)
-$500.00StarCraft II
2013-06-172nd» DreamHack Summer 2013 (StarCraft II)
35,000 SEK$5,407.75StarCraft II
2013-06-1717th-24th» WCS America 2013 Season 1 Challenger
-$100.00StarCraft II
2013-04-273rd-4th» DreamHack Open: Stockholm 2013 (StarCraft II)
20,000 SEK$3,042.96StarCraft II
2013-03-293rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » IPTL 2013
-$333.33StarCraft II
2013-02-27Round 1» GSL Season 1 2013 (Code A)
₩400,000$367.65StarCraft II
2013-01-091stHyperX 10-Year Anniversary Tournament
-$7,000.00StarCraft II
2012-12-14Round 3» GSL Season 5 2012 (Code A)
₩800,000$744.11StarCraft II

$1,166.67 From 1 Tournament
0.19% of Total Prize Money Earned

2014-09-30WINTeam-based Tournament » NationWars II - Korea vs. Norway
-$1,166.67StarCraft II

$2,115.26 From 3 Tournaments
0.34% of Total Prize Money Earned

2012-10-2017th-32nd» GSL Season 4 2012 (Code S)
₩1,500,000$1,356.91StarCraft II
2012-10-18Round 1» GSL Season 4 2012 (Code A)
₩400,000$361.84StarCraft II
2012-08-2513th-16th» WCS 2012: South Korea
₩450,000$396.51StarCraft II

$196,987.85 From 20 Tournaments
31.37% of Total Prize Money Earned

2011-09-179th-16th» Jin Air OSL 2011
₩2,000,000$1,799.78StarCraft: Brood War
2011-06-113rd-4th» ABC Mart MSL 2011
₩5,000,000$4,604.69StarCraft: Brood War
2011-02-193rd-4th» PDPop MSL 2010
₩5,000,000$4,504.50StarCraft: Brood War
2011-01-299th-16th» Bacchus OSL 2010 (Playoffs)
₩2,000,000$1,793.40StarCraft: Brood War
2010-10-033rdMore Info on this Earning » WCG 2010 (StarCraft: Brood War)
$1,000 Cash + $500 Value In Kind (Non-Cash Prizes)
-$1,000.00StarCraft: Brood War
2010-09-112nd» Korean Air OSL #2 2010 (Playoffs)
₩20,000,000$17,167.38StarCraft: Brood War
2010-09-111st» Korean Air OSL #2 2010 (Ro36)
₩250,000$214.59StarCraft: Brood War
2010-08-282nd» Bigfile MSL 2010
₩20,000,000$16,711.23StarCraft: Brood War
2010-05-292nd» Hana Daetoo MSL 2010
₩20,000,000$16,742.01StarCraft: Brood War
2010-05-222nd» Korean Air OSL #1 2010 (Ro36)
₩150,000$125.72StarCraft: Brood War
2010-01-231st» NATE MSL 2009
₩50,000,000$43,387.71StarCraft: Brood War
2010-01-175th-8th» EVER OSL 2009 (Playoffs)
₩3,000,000$2,671.18StarCraft: Brood War
2009-11-151st» WCG 2009 (StarCraft: Brood War)
-$10,000.00StarCraft: Brood War
2009-08-303rd-4th» Avalon MSL 2009
₩5,000,000$4,603.84StarCraft: Brood War
2009-08-221st» Bacchus OSL 2009 (Playoffs)
₩40,000,000$32,107.88StarCraft: Brood War
2009-08-165th-8th» Averatec-Intel Classic #3
₩3,000,000$2,420.14StarCraft: Brood War
2009-04-041st» Batoo OSL 2009 (Playoffs)
₩40,000,000$30,059.37StarCraft: Brood War
2009-04-041st» Batoo OSL 2009 (Ro36)
₩250,000$187.87StarCraft: Brood War
2009-03-2117th-32nd» Lost Saga MSL 2009
₩500,000$356.80StarCraft: Brood War
2009-03-01WIN» Averatec-Intel Classic Special Match
₩10,000,000$6,529.76StarCraft: Brood War

$195,953.17 From 13 Tournaments
31.21% of Total Prize Money Earned

2008-11-229th-16th» ClubDay MSL 2008
₩2,000,000$1,336.81StarCraft: Brood War
2008-08-101st» Averatec-Intel Classic #1
₩40,000,000$38,733.42StarCraft: Brood War
2008-07-262nd» Arena MSL 2008
₩20,000,000$19,848.16StarCraft: Brood War
2008-07-136thTeam-based Tournament » Shinhan Bank Proleague 2008 (Regular Season)
₩0$0.00StarCraft: Brood War
2008-03-155th-8th» Bacchus OSL 2008
₩3,000,000$3,011.55StarCraft: Brood War
2008-03-081st» GOMTV MSL #4 2008
₩50,000,000$52,203.51StarCraft: Brood War
2008-02-161stTeam-based Tournament » Shinhan Bank Proleague 2007 (Grand Finals)
₩6,250,000$6,737.50StarCraft: Brood War
2008-01-271stTeam-based Tournament » Shinhan Bank Proleague 2007 (Round 2)
₩8,000,000$8,624.00StarCraft: Brood War
2007-12-221st» EVER OSL 2007
₩40,000,000$42,529.89StarCraft: Brood War
2007-08-121stSeoul International eSports Festival 2007
-$20,000.00StarCraft: Brood War
2007-03-313rdTeam-based Tournament » Super Fight V
₩1,333,333$1,437.33StarCraft: Brood War
2007-03-0313th-16th» GOMTV MSL #1 2006
₩1,000,000$1,061.76StarCraft: Brood War
2006-04-275th-8th2006 OGN Super Rookie Tournament
₩400,000$429.24StarCraft: Brood War

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$10,161.80 From 6 Tournaments
1.62% of Total Prize Money Earned

2017-11-129th-12th» Afreeca Starleague Season 4
₩800,000$713.60StarCraft: Brood War
2017-11-03LOSE» BlizzCon 2017 (SC:R Showmatch)
-$5,000.00StarCraft: Brood War
2017-06-039th-16th» Afreeca Starleague Season 3
₩300,000$268.20StarCraft: Brood War
2017-06-021stTeam-based Tournament AfreecaTV Clan League
₩272,727$243.00StarCraft: Brood War
2017-03-263rd-4thI <3 Starcraft Showmatch
₩2,500,000$2,235.00StarCraft: Brood War
2017-01-223rd-4th» Afreeca Starleague Season 2
₩2,000,000$1,702.00StarCraft: Brood War


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