Hwaseung OZ

Total Prize Money Earned:
$664,054.73 From 45 Tournaments

formerly known as "Lecaf OZ"

Hwaseung OZ Roster Summary

StarCraft: Brood War (Hwaseung OZ)$218,169.4332.85%
StarCraft: Brood War (Lecaf OZ)$444,602.8066.95%
WarCraft 3$1,282.500.19%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$632,049.2395.18%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of JaedongLee, Jae Dong$391,503.69
2.Korea, Republic of fOrGGPark, Ji Soo$75,043.54
3.Korea, Republic of AnytimeJong, Oh Yeong$40,389.80
4.Korea, Republic of BackHoSon, Chan Woong$34,981.71
5.Korea, Republic of HiyAKu, Sung Hoon$30,471.50
6.Korea, Republic of LomoSon, Ju Heung$25,898.57
7.Korea, Republic of ShinHwAChoi, Ka Ram$18,500.76
8.Korea, Republic of GonKim, Seong Gon$15,361.50
9.Korea, Republic of DongraeLee, Hak Ju$10,139.57
10.Korea, Republic of ggaemoKim, Kyung Mo$8,624.00
11.Korea, Republic of TankboyLee, Yoo Seok$6,737.50
12.Korea, Republic of KillerPark, Joon Oh$3,496.18
13.Korea, Republic of DearBaek, Dong Jun$597.29
14.Korea, Republic of PerfectManKim, Tae Gyoon$576.17
15.Korea, Republic of sOsKim, Yoo Jin$450.45
16.Korea, Republic of Asuka-, -$213.75
17.Korea, Republic of BBoGulKim, Do Hyung$213.75
18.Korea, Republic of ReMinDKim, Sung Sik$213.75
19.Korea, Republic of SaY-, -$213.75
20.Korea, Republic of Wise_DeepCut-, -$213.75
21.Korea, Republic of Wise_Gray-, -$213.75
22.Korea, Republic of ToSkyKim, Jung Hwan$0.00
23.Korea, Republic of YoungNoh, Young Hoon$0.00


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