CJ Entus

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,502,458.47 From 185 Tournaments
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CJ Entus Roster Summary

League of Legends (CJ Blaze)$168,636.8111.22%
League of Legends (CJ Entus)$147,430.399.81%
League of Legends (CJ Frost)$103,438.076.88%
PUBG (CJ Entus Ace)$7,576.000.50%
PUBG (CJ Entus Force)$0.000.00%
Special Force$0.000.00%
StarCraft 2$422,606.5928.13%
StarCraft: Brood War$652,770.6143.45%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$1,484,016.4798.77%
2.United States United States$15,918.581.06%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of sAviOrMa, Jae Yoon$289,703.92
2.Korea, Republic of herOKim, Joon Ho$175,230.13
3.Korea, Republic of EffOrtKim, Jung Woo$94,850.64
4.Korea, Republic of HydraShin, Dong Won$77,832.12
5.Korea, Republic of IrisByun, Hyung Tae$66,166.96
6.Korea, Republic of ByuLHan, Ji Won$52,367.01
7.Korea, Republic of AmbitionKang, Chan Yong$46,822.78
8.Korea, Republic of BbyongJung, Woo Yong$41,623.44
9.Korea, Republic of MadLifeHong, Min Gi$35,809.79
10.Korea, Republic of FlameLee, Ho Jong$35,641.13
11.Korea, Republic of ShyPark, Sang Myun$34,346.45
12.Korea, Republic of LustboyHam, Jang Sik$32,459.34
13.Korea, Republic of SpaceSeon, Ho San$30,783.68
14.Korea, Republic of KwanroHan, Sang Bong$28,991.21
15.Korea, Republic of sKyHighJo, Byung Se$27,231.73
16.Korea, Republic of MovieJin, Young Hwa$23,376.64
17.Korea, Republic of HeliosShin, Dong Jin$22,541.50
18.Korea, Republic of SoraKim, Jung Hoon$22,454.49
19.Korea, Republic of MuchPark, Yeong Min$20,942.95
20.Korea, Republic of CaptainJackKang, Hyung Woo$20,400.21
21.Korea, Republic of CoCoShin, Jin Yeong$18,338.26
22.Korea, Republic of MemoryJu, Hyun Jun$18,121.36
23.Korea, Republic of HushByun, Young Bong$16,940.37
24.United States IdrAGreg Fields$16,468.58
25.Korea, Republic of XellOsSeo, Ji Hoon$15,484.60


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