Gamefy G-League

Prize Money Awarded:
$960,952.43 From 46 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2009-03-10 to

Top Game Rankings For Gamefy G-League

1.» Dota 2$234,068.4666 Players5 Tournaments
2.» League of Legends$174,968.3750 Players4 Tournaments
3.» Defense of the Ancients$151,484.1131 Players7 Tournaments
4.» StarCraft II$141,147.3616 Players8 Tournaments
5.» WarCraft III$124,811.7115 Players11 Tournaments
6.» Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$58,296.8122 Players1 Tournament
7.» Heroes of the Storm$43,461.3620 Players1 Tournament
8.» Street Fighter V$15,000.008 Players1 Tournament
9.» Hearthstone$12,860.887 Players2 Tournaments
10.» StarCraft: Brood War$4,853.375 Players3 Tournaments