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Overall Esports Stats For September 2016

Total Prize Money: $4,878,765.61
Total Tournaments: 313
Total Active Players: 2423
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $15,587.11
Mean Earnings/Player: $2,013.52
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $500.00
Median Earnings/Player: $300.00

Events of September 2016

DateNameTotal Prize
2016-09-30ELEAGUE Overwatch Open$300,000.00
2016-09-30ESEA Rank S$41,500.00
2016-09-30FACEIT Pro League$20,000.00
2016-09-30Friday Night Turnip #22$155.00
2016-09-30ProDotA Cup SEA$5,000.00
2016-09-30Shang gan ling$1,200.00
2016-09-30Tuk House Tournament 2016-09-30$120.00
2016-09-29CCC Fall Weekly #3$165.00
2016-09-29Kinguin for Charity with PayPal$5,000.00
2016-09-28Leifeng Cup (SC2)$4,400.00
2016-09-28Smash @ Xanadu$705.00
2016-09-28SteelSeries Overwatch Team Association$2,848.10
2016-09-28The Gauntlet Season 2$100.00
2016-09-27CyberGamer Overwatch Weekly$274.51
2016-09-27EPICENTER 2016$5,000.00
2016-09-27King of Spandau$895.37
2016-09-27New Game Plus 71$335.00
2016-09-27OlimoLeague Weekly$843.51
2016-09-27VikingTV Battle of Scandinavia II$300.00
2016-09-26Corsair Cup$400.00
2016-09-26ESL Go4CS:GO$1,011.29
2016-09-26Zotsmash 23$215.00
2016-09-252016 Capcom Pro Tour$30,000.00
2016-09-252016 HCT: Summer$160,000.00
2016-09-259Uppercut Cup - 2016$1,031.42
2016-09-25CEVO September Showdown CS:GO Tournament$1,500.00
2016-09-25CFL Smackdown$834.00
2016-09-25CIG 2016$7,192.80
2016-09-25CSL 2016$43,469.26
2016-09-25ESL Go4Overwatch Europe$1,682.35
2016-09-25ESL Go4RocketLeague South America$100.00
2016-09-25ESL SC2 Americas Open$200.00
2016-09-25eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2016$100,000.00
2016-09-25Finding our Dad$440.99
2016-09-25Gera Cup$200.00
2016-09-25Gfinity CS:GO Invitational 2016$100,000.00
2016-09-25Glitch 2$4,205.00
2016-09-25Go4SC2 Europe$1,333.07
2016-09-25Kings of the North Season 3$3,417.80
2016-09-25Masters of Bacon Qualifier #1$84.20
2016-09-25ONOG Start Democracy Invitational$15,000.00
2016-09-25Point Blank 2016 International Championship$100,000.00
2016-09-25Ptak Warsaw Expo 2016$6,134.94
2016-09-25Rene's Sick Monthly #5$102.65
2016-09-25Sakurai Underground 5.1$76.16
2016-09-25SC2 SEA Masters Cup$150.00
2016-09-25Syracuse Sucker Punch: Autumn Equinox$280.00
2016-09-25The Smash House$1,183.01
2016-09-25Ultimate-Arena #15$1,741.26
2016-09-25WCA 2016 - CN Qualifiers$138,134.42
2016-09-25WCS 2016: Korean Cross Finals Season 2$27,180.00
2016-09-242GGT: Abadango Saga$5,440.00
2016-09-24Argentina Game Show 2016 Finals$1,340.00
2016-09-24BCS Week 14$1,500.00
2016-09-24ESL ANZ Cup$1,000.00
2016-09-24Female Starcraft League Season 1$67.37
2016-09-24FITM 3$51.00
2016-09-24King of '94 WI - 2016$256.00
2016-09-24Occitan Championship Series 2016$10,841.00
2016-09-24SoCal Colosseum #4$780.00
2016-09-24Tasty Fish Streamer Cup #1$1,500.00
2016-09-23Friday Night Turnip #21$135.00
2016-09-23QPAD King of Nordic - Season 4$2,059.68
2016-09-23QuickShot Arena$4,500.00
2016-09-23The Gauntlet Overwatch Cup$2,000.00
2016-09-23Tuk House Tournament 2016-09-23$140.00
2016-09-23UCI eSports Arena Grand Opening$425.00
2016-09-22CCC Fall Weekly #2$180.00
2016-09-22HoG #71$170.00
2016-09-22Lenovo Cup #1$8,000.00
2016-09-22SC2SEA OSC All Stars Weekly$225.00
2016-09-22SG Melee 9-22-16$100.00
2016-09-21CEVO Season 10$33,000.00
2016-09-20ESL Overwatch King of the Hill$3,000.00
2016-09-20Get Smashed At The Foundry #99$215.00
2016-09-20New Game Plus 70$400.00
2016-09-20Pichu Party Season 2 Episode 4$31.00
2016-09-19Go4LoL EUNE$560.13
2016-09-19Go4LoL EUW$560.43
2016-09-19Hitbox Challenger Cup #2 Playoffs$10,000.00
2016-09-19joinDOTA League Season 10$7,000.00
2016-09-19MNB 2v2 #1$50.00
2016-09-19Underdogs (SC2)$445.81
2016-09-18BaseTradeTV: Showmatch Double Day$200.00
2016-09-18DreamHack Bucharest 2016$100,000.00
2016-09-18Dust2.dk eOddset$1,872.50
2016-09-18iBUYPOWER Invitational$16,000.00
2016-09-18OSC SEA Weekly 2$50.00
2016-09-18PGL Bucharest Tavern Tales 2016$25,000.00
2016-09-18Rene's Cool Weekly For All Cool And Not Cool People$196.95
2016-09-18RLCS Season 2$56,000.00
2016-09-18Syracuse Smash Biweekly 27$320.00
2016-09-18Well Played 10$378.40
2016-09-17BCS Week 13$1,000.00
2016-09-17BFS Chapter 1: The Return of Darby$165.00
2016-09-17Dairly Beloved$1,450.00
2016-09-17EsportsArena Showdown$3,200.00
2016-09-17Gamer Sensei Open #2$300.00
2016-09-17GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly EU$1,072.00
2016-09-17Hidden Power September 2016$95.00
2016-09-17Kickstart 11$1,016.95
2016-09-17KuppyStation PES2016 Championship Tournament$253.90
2016-09-17Melbourne Spring Cup #1$381.80
2016-09-17MMOM Bi-Monthly #3$720.00
2016-09-17NA/EU Ladder Heroes$1,998.00
2016-09-17SHOUTcraft Kings September 2016$5,000.00
2016-09-17Unrivaled II$620.00
2016-09-16EURONICS Gaming SC2 Cup$111.59
2016-09-16FNB #13$65.04
2016-09-16Friday Night Turnip #20$195.00
2016-09-16GamerSaloon Champions League$1,500.00
2016-09-16Gauntlet: Fight for the Crown$2,000.00
2016-09-16HGC 2016 - Fall Regionals$120,000.00
2016-09-16Stream.Me Arena$1,000.00
2016-09-16Tuk House Tournament 2016-09-16$160.00
2016-09-15CCC Fall Weekly #1$240.00
2016-09-15HoG #70$270.00
2016-09-14Pulsar Premier League Season 3$750.00
2016-09-13New Game Plus 69$400.00
2016-09-13Pichu Season 2 Episode 3$30.00
2016-09-12Grand Slam Smash #2$80.00
2016-09-12MNB #3$50.00
2016-09-12OverWatch Competition Cyber Tour$15,949.50
2016-09-112016 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2$120,108.22
2016-09-11DeutschLAN 2016$448.63
2016-09-11Europe 2016 Summer Live Championship$30,000.00
2016-09-11Fantasy Expo Challenge Season 3 Finals$32,596.20
2016-09-11Game Evolution Bulgaria 2016$4,018.16
2016-09-11GosuGamers Overwatch Weekly NA$2,320.00
2016-09-11Major Event ESPL 2016$3,369.60
2016-09-11Melee on Elm Street$805.04
2016-09-11MGMS Master Series 2016$693.00
2016-09-11Mid-South Championships (MKX)$500.00
2016-09-11MPGL Southeast Asian Championship$50,000.00
2016-09-11MWC 4K 2016$1,900.00
2016-09-11Nexus Cup - China-Korea Training Tournament$8,243.77
2016-09-11Overwatch Power League - Preseason$9,049.78
2016-09-11Overwatch Universal Tournament 2016 - Summer$16,688.68
2016-09-11QCM XXIV$299.01
2016-09-11SEA Major 2016 - Thailand$5,000.00
2016-09-11StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2$300,000.00
2016-09-11STGCC eSports – Mountain Dew Cup 2016$1,839.32
2016-09-11Syndicate 2016$9,739.05
2016-09-11Up Air 1$199.60
2016-09-11WCS 2016: Copa Intercontinental$50,000.00
2016-09-10Afreeca Starleague Season 1$21,192.00
2016-09-10All My Edge Guards Are Reads$1,050.00
2016-09-10GSL Season 2 2016$164,661.28
2016-09-10JCG Premier League 2016 Season$970.00
2016-09-10Mass Madness 11$920.00
2016-09-10TGL 9.5$245.00
2016-09-10The Art of Warfare #2$100.00
2016-09-09FNB #12$66.39
2016-09-09Friday Night Turnip #19$195.00
2016-09-09Rivalcade 2v2 Showdown$2,000.00
2016-09-09The Deck Gauntlet 3$4,000.00
2016-09-09Tuk House Tournament 2016-09-09$120.00
2016-09-08BlasterX INETKOX League Season 1$15,000.00
2016-09-08SG Melee 9-8-16$90.00
2016-09-07ESL Go4Overwatch France$112.39
2016-09-06ESL Major League Summer Playoffs 2016$4,000.00
2016-09-06Get Smashed At The Foundry #98$195.00
2016-09-06New Game Plus 68$420.00
2016-09-06OlimoLeague August 2016$868.30
2016-09-06ONOG 2016$25,000.00
2016-09-05Brasil Game Cup 2016$24,560.00
2016-09-05MNB #2$50.00
2016-09-0499Damage Liga Season #3$11,156.20
2016-09-04Copa América 2016$4,500.00
2016-09-04CWL Championship 2016$2,000,000.00
2016-09-04DG Fall Clash$590.80
2016-09-04Dragon Con 2016$520.00
2016-09-04ESWC 2016 Qualifier$5,643.50
2016-09-04Evetech Champions League$10,353.93
2016-09-04IeSF World Championships 2016 Qualifier$5,000.00
2016-09-04Man vs Man$56.00
2016-09-04North America 2016 Summer Live Championship$30,000.00
2016-09-04Northern Arena 2016 - Toronto$100,000.00
2016-09-04Northern Arena Toronto 2016$8,500.00
2016-09-04Syracuse Smash Biweekly 26$294.99
2016-09-03200 Beats Per Minute$1,070.00
2016-09-032016 SK Telecom Proleague$62,720.00
2016-09-03BCS Week 11$1,000.00
2016-09-03GIV eSport - Paris Saclay$669.30
2016-09-03HoN Tour Thailand 2016$4,619.84
2016-09-03MSI Dragon Cup$244.56
2016-09-03Neokan Party 3$602.40
2016-09-03NVIDIA Dota 2 CIS Cup Series$1,500.00
2016-09-03PGL National Division Season 2$6,000.00
2016-09-03Starvation Tournament$100.00
2016-09-03WSA6 Doubles$100.00
2016-09-03WSA6 Singles$360.00
2016-09-02ESL Go4Overwatch Czech Republic & Slovakia$148.67
2016-09-02FNB #11$66.51
2016-09-02Friday Night Turnip #18$230.00
2016-09-02GG Masters$20,000.00
2016-09-02ProDotA Cup Europe$5,000.00
2016-09-02SC2ONLINE Community Open$50.00
2016-09-01Alienware Monthly Melee$5,000.00
2016-09-01HoG #68$140.00
2016-09-01SC2Improve Team League Season 6$2,237.46
2016-09-01WCA 2016 - EU Qualifiers$61,159.20