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Player Transfers For Mindfreak

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Transfer DateIDNameFormer Team New Team
2017-05-31Australia HopeyJake HopeCall of Duty (MF.Black)
2017-05-31Australia SetzyyJayden HewittCall of Duty (MF.Black)
2017-05-31New Zealand SwiftazorKainen KiniCall of Duty (MF.Black)
2017-05-31Australia ZepaMark ZepackicCall of Duty (MF.Black)
2017-05-19Australia DenzDenholm TaylorMindfreak
2017-05Australia ExciteCody RugoloMindfreak
2017-02-11Australia MarkoMark -Mindfreak
2017-02-02Australia ExciteCody RugoloMindfreak
2016-12-29Australia DenzDenholm TaylorMindfreak
2016-07-09Australia BxxndyPaul ‘BondMindfreak
2016-07-09Australia DaveJay LloydMindfreak
2016-07-09Australia JjmbobJames McAlaryMindfreak
2016-07-09Australia VirrixJordan RogersonMindfreak
2016-07-09Australia WjllyWilliam HallMindfreak
2014-11-19Australia DenzDenholm TaylorMindfreak
2012-07-01Australia BuZZOMitchell MaderMindfreak
2012-07-01Australia FightaLincoln FergusonMindfreak
2012-07-01Australia ShockzConrad RymarekMindfreak

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