Total Prize Money Earned:
$689,180.79 From 144 Tournaments

Tournament Results for Mindfreak

Call of Duty$375,548.7369 Tournaments54.49%
Call of Duty (MF.Black)$21,175.004 Tournaments3.07%
CS:GO female$6,000.002 Tournaments0.87%
FIFA$0.000 Tournaments0.00%
Gears of War$5,110.008 Tournaments0.74%
Halo$29,000.007 Tournaments4.21%
Heroes of the Storm$54,000.006 Tournaments7.84%
League of Legends$327.921 Tournament0.05%
Overwatch$95,273.758 Tournaments13.82%
Rainbow Six (Rainbow Six)$39,049.168 Tournaments5.67%
Rocket League$52,705.0019 Tournaments7.65%
StarCraft 2$7,555.007 Tournaments1.10%
VALORANT$1,483.981 Tournament0.22%


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2.Dead Linkhttp://cod.esportswikis.com/wiki/Mindfreak
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Sydney FC on Twitter: "CONFIRMED | We've signed e-Sports star Mark Brijeski as our inaugural E-League competitor! Welcome Mark
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