Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,407,255.33 From 172 Tournaments

Renegades Roster Summary

Call of Duty$43,500.003.09%
League of Legends$37,500.002.66%
League of Legends (RNG Banditos)$13,028.610.93%
Rocket League$81,650.005.80%
Super Smash Bros$31,339.782.23%

Country Summary

1.Australia Australia$718,022.2951.02%
2.United States United States$229,033.3716.28%
3.Norway Norway$77,733.335.52%
4.New Zealand New Zealand$65,350.004.64%
5.Canada Canada$47,597.633.38%
6.Serbia Serbia$12,850.000.91%
7.United Kingdom United Kingdom$6,710.130.48%
8.Venezuela Venezuela$3,666.670.26%
9.Russian Federation Russian Federation$3,666.670.26%
10.Ukraine Ukraine$3,666.670.26%
11.France France$2,473.700.18%
12.Finland Finland$2,473.700.18%
13.Afghanistan Afghanistan$1,666.670.12%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Australia jksJustin Savage$169,002.27
2.Australia AZRAaron Ward$168,002.27
3.Australia USTILOKarlo Pivac$103,366.67
4.Norway jkaemJoakim Myrbostad$77,733.33
5.United States NiftyNoah Francis$73,250.00
6.Australia liazzJay Tregillgas$56,133.33
7.New Zealand GratisfactionSean Kaiwai$54,650.00
8.Australia x2twins JordanJordan Eckley$52,500.00
9.Australia YamYaman Ergenekon$41,668.93
10.Canada NAFKeith Markovic$37,750.00
11.Australia RickehRick Mulholland$25,166.67
12.New Zealand KamiiCameron Ingram$23,666.66
13.Australia SpunjChad Burchill$22,168.93
14.United States APGBradley Laws$22,000.00
15.United States DabuzSamuel Buzby$21,946.30
16.United States NinjaTyler Blevins$21,875.00
17.United States Victory XCameron Thorlakson$21,875.00
18.United States NeptuneTravis McCloud$21,250.00
19.United States SpartanTyler Ganza$19,375.00
20.United States StelluRBraedon Boettcher$19,375.00
21.Australia TorsosDaniel Parsons$17,000.00
22.Australia SikiChristopher Magee$16,166.67
23.United States PenguinZane Hearon$15,000.00
24.Serbia nexaNemanja Isaković$12,850.00
25.United States MikwenAustin McCleary$12,500.00


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