Iran, Islamic Republic of

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Total Prize Money Earned:
$472,592.61 From 194 Tournaments
World Ranking:

There have been 141 Iranian esports players that have been awarded a total of $472,592.61 USD in prize money across 194 tournaments. The highest awarding game was chess24 with $114,521.30 USD won, making up 24.23% of all earnings by Iranian players. Alireza "Firouzja2003" Firouzja is the highest earning Iranian player with $172,373.43 USD in prize money won overall, with $113,839.30 USD or 66.04% won from playing in chess24 tournaments.

Top Games

 Game NameTotal (Game)
2.F1 22$93,750.00$79,355.50
4.F1 2020$32,500.00
5.Dota 2$31,735.62
7.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$26,659.13
8.F1 2021$18,750.00
9.League of Legends$15,338.56
10.FIFA 14$10,128.87
11.League of Legends: Wild Rift$6,566.67
12.Arena of Valor$4,800.00
13.FIFA 15$4,000.00
15.FIFA 16$1,000.00
16.FIFA 13$785.88
17.Apex Legends$740.00
18.Assetto Corsa Competizione$737.50
20.StarCraft II$333.90
21.Age of Empires II$312.50
23.FIFA 11$137.64
24.FIFA 12$128.69

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)
1.Iran, Islamic Republic of Firouzja2003Alireza Firouzja$172,373.43
2.Iran, Islamic Republic of Bardia BoroumandBardia Boroumand$145,000.00
3.Iran, Islamic Republic of ParhamovParham Maghsoodloo$31,662.93
4.Iran, Islamic Republic of TF BladeAshkan Homayouni$18,838.56
5.Iran, Islamic Republic of YikeZAmir Hossein$11,366.67
6.Iran, Islamic Republic of TNIIKeivan Javadi Elyaderani$10,128.87
7.Iran, Islamic Republic of amintabatabaeiSeyyed Mohammad Amin Tabatabaei$8,821.77
8.Iran, Islamic Republic of x1ronAmir Bafande$4,378.99
9.Iran, Islamic Republic of AdamanTNavid Borhani$4,000.00
10.Iran, Islamic Republic of RASHNESSArash Soroush$3,167.39
11.Iran, Islamic Republic of mRmNMasoud Nasiri$3,109.06
12.Iran, Islamic Republic of KaChal- -$3,094.80
12.Iran, Islamic Republic of Pastil- -$3,094.80
14.Iran, Islamic Republic of sara_khmSarasadat Khademalsharieh$2,882.00
15.Iran, Islamic Republic of PhanThomAmir Mahbobi$1,971.00
16.Iran, Islamic Republic of FaNtaSma- -$1,954.80
17.Iran, Islamic Republic of PoisonHassan Maroufi$1,892.20
18.Iran, Islamic Republic of Prince- -$1,800.00
19.Iran, Islamic Republic of Re{ali}TyAli Gharachomaqlu$1,774.80
20.Iran, Islamic Republic of Akagami- -$1,707.00
21.Iran, Islamic Republic of Dant1kFarshid Kharand$1,558.65
22.Iran, Islamic Republic of aNewMe-- -$1,467.00
22.Iran, Islamic Republic of DepK1d- -$1,467.00
24.Iran, Islamic Republic of Zoom-ZigZag- -$1,354.80
25.Iran, Islamic Republic of Mikey- -$1,280.00

Top Tournament Results

1.F1 Esports 2022$93,750.00F1 221 Player
2.FTX Crypto Cup 2022$37,500.00chess241 Player
3.F1 Esports Pro Series 2020$32,500.00F1 20201 Player
4.Magnus Carlsen Invitational$20,000.00chess241 Player
5.F1 Esports Series 2021$18,750.00F1 20211 Player
6.Banter Blitz Cup$14,000.00chess241 Player
7.Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz 2020$11,000.00Lichess1 Player
8.2021 Bullet Chess Championship Main Event$10,000.00Chess.com1 Player
8.Magnus Carlsen Invitational 2021$10,000.00chess241 Player
8.ROG Arena Iran 2019 (CS:GO)$10,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive20 Players
8.WCG 2013 (FIFA 14)$10,000.00FIFA 141 Player
12.Hamishegi Esports Season 2$9,870.00Dota 215 Players
13.Hamishegi Esports Season 1$9,600.00Dota 215 Players
14.2022 Rapid Chess Championship Week 8$8,500.00Chess.com2 Players
15.2022 Rapid Chess Championship Finals$8,000.00Chess.com1 Player
16.Champions Showdown 2020: Chess 9LX$7,500.00Lichess1 Player
17.Hamishegi Fall 2021$7,495.35Counter-Strike: Global Offensive10 Players
18.Hamishegi Esports Season 3$7,440.00Dota 213 Players
19.FTX Crypto Cup$6,839.30chess241 Player
20.Aimchess US Rapid$6,500.00chess241 Player
21.Twitch Rivals NA Team Draft #1 2020$6,200.00League of Legends1 Player
22.GlitchCon 2020 Super Team Showdown - League of Legends$5,938.56League of Legends1 Player
23.Chessable Masters 2021$5,000.00chess241 Player
23.New in Chess Classic$5,000.00chess241 Player
25.2019 Junior Speed Chess Championships$4,343.00Chess.com2 Players