Arthur "Sitaux" Alauzen - Age of Empires Player

Arthur Alauzen
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$36,220.05 From 113 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$30,218.09 From 69 Tournaments
83.43% of Total Prize Money Earned

2024-06-099th-16th» Warlords 3: Main Event-$1,108.34Age of Empires II
2024-06-012ndChampionnat Francophone: Saison 10-$27.14Age of Empires II
2024-05-185th-8th» Thalassocracy Cup-$150.00Age of Empires II
2024-04-24WIN» Warlords III: Showmatch - Barles vs Sitaux-$200.00Age of Empires II
2024-04-211stChampionnat Francophone IX-$64.00Age of Empires II
2024-04-08LOSE» Money Match Monday 7: FreakinAndy vs Sitaux-$25.00Age of Empires II
2024-04-079th-16th» Sudden Dessaster-$75.00Age of Empires II
2024-03-295thClash of the Titans II: 10-Year Anniversary-$60.23Age of Empires II
2024-03-161st» gamescom 2024 (AoE2)€800.00$871.89Age of Empires II
2024-03-035th-8th» Hidden Cup 5-$3,914.00Age of Empires II
2024-02-031stChampionnat Francophone VIII-$64.84Age of Empires II
2024-02-021stTeam-based Tournament The Brotherhood Of Empire Wars-$86.67Age of Empires II
2024-01-162ndTeam-based Tournament A4G Nomadic Cup-$32.79Age of Empires II
2023-12-293rd-4thAoE2 Middle East Tournament-$221.44Age of Empires II
2023-12-174th» Nili's Apartment Cup V: Qualifier 2-$435.00Age of Empires II
2023-12-104th» Nili's Apartment Cup V: Qualifier 1-$435.00Age of Empires II
2023-11-263rd-4thEndoWar 4-$109.49Age of Empires II
2023-11-195th-8th» Warlords II-$2,500.00Age of Empires II
2023-11-062ndTeam-based Tournament Rising Teams: Gold Bracket-$78.55Age of Empires II
2023-10-303rd-4thMetaWorldTour-$100.00Age of Empires II
2023-09-109th-12thClash of Empires-$250.00Age of Empires II
2023-09-071st-4th» T90 Titans League 3: Gold League-$330.00Age of Empires II
2023-07-26LOSEHearttt vs Sitaux Bo7 Showmatch-$130.00Age of Empires II
2023-07-0217th-24th» Masters of Arena 7-$100.00Age of Empires II
2023-05-285th-8th» King of the Desert V-$3,000.00Age of Empires II
2023-04-131stTeam-based Tournament The Tea Party-$61.75Age of Empires II
2023-04-101st» Gamers Assembly Festival Edition 2023€500.00$545.60Age of Empires II
2023-04-065th-8th» JorDan's Medieval Brawl Season 2 Finals-$85.00Age of Empires II
2023-03-261stOnly Land French Cup 2-$178.58Age of Empires II
2023-03-022nd» JorDan's Medieval Brawl Season 2 #5-$125.00Age of Empires II
2023-02-267th-12th» Nili's Apartment Cup IV: Qualifier 2-$141.76Age of Empires II
2023-02-197th-12th» Nili's Apartment Cup IV: Qualifier 1-$141.76Age of Empires II
2023-02-121stChampionnat Francophone 5-$128.07Age of Empires II
2023-02-1217th-24th» T90 Titans League 2: Platinum League-$390.00Age of Empires II
2023-02-10WINSitaux vs Vinchester Bo9 Showmatch-$180.00Age of Empires II
2022-12-202ndDouble Cup 3-$245.00Age of Empires II
2022-12-205th-8thTeam-based Tournament Nomad Wars 3-$19.00Age of Empires II
2022-12-111stGorilla Rumble-$844.94Age of Empires II
2022-12-094th» The Grand Melee: Replacement Qualifier-$550.00Age of Empires II
2022-11-069th-16th» Warlords: Qualifier-$100.00Age of Empires II
2022-11-04WINFree Money Friday 1: ACCM vs Sitaux-$70.00Age of Empires II
2022-10-2913th-16th» Red Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022 Age of Empires II-$4,000.00Age of Empires II
2022-10-162ndEndoWar 3-$133.74Age of Empires II
2022-10-165th-8thFrench Cup AoE4€50.00$48.67Age of Empires IV
2022-10-091stChaos Cup-$100.00Age of Empires II
2022-10-07LOSETeam-based Tournament mYinsanity vs. WWP Bo7 Showmatch-$40.00Age of Empires II
2022-09-15WINACCM vs Sitaux Bo7 Showmatch #2-$150.00Age of Empires II
2022-08-135th-8th» T90 Titans League: Gold League-$340.00Age of Empires II
2022-07-319th-12th» RMS Cup 2-$500.00Age of Empires II
2022-06-269th-12thTeam-based Tournament » Battle of Africa 3-$187.50Age of Empires II
2022-06-242ndTeam-based Tournament » Terra Nova Duos-$286.67Age of Empires II
2022-05-229th-16th» The Resurgence-$200.00Age of Empires II
2022-05-22LOSE» The Resurgence Showmatch - Hera vs Sitaux-$70.00Age of Empires II
2022-05-11WIN» Only Land Cup Show Match: JorDan vs Sitaux-$70.00Age of Empires II
2022-04-245th-8thOnly Land French Cup-$27.00Age of Empires II
2022-04-011stThrowing Baguette Cup 3 - Gold Division-$55.00Age of Empires II
2022-03-142ndChampionnat Francophone 3-$88.67Age of Empires II
2022-03-135th-8thWorld Rumble-$200.00Age of Empires II
2022-02-069th-16thWandering Warriors Cup-$500.00Age of Empires II
2022-01-232ndSully Showmatch 1: Daniel vs Sitaux-$45.00Age of Empires II
2022-01-022ndSitaux vs Vinchester Bo7 Showmatch-$120.00Age of Empires II
2021-12-191stCoupe de France AoE II-$867.00Age of Empires II
2021-12-125th-8th» King of the Desert 4-$2,500.00Age of Empires II
2021-11-071stMaster of Asylum-$208.00Age of Empires II
2021-09-059th-12thTeam-based Tournament Empire Wars Duo 2-$228.00Age of Empires II
2021-06-2713th-16th» Red Bull Wololo 4-$650.00Age of Empires II
2021-06-182ndACCM vs Sitaux Bo7 Showmatch #1-$24.00Age of Empires II
2021-06-181st-2ndCopa Who-$100.00Age of Empires II
2021-06-132ndYolo Cup-$303.00Age of Empires II

$29.26 From 2 Tournaments
0.08% of Total Prize Money Earned

2023-11-25LOSETeam-based Tournament Wirforce Showmatch-$17.50Age of Empires II
2023-09-19LOSETeam-based Tournament » A4G Nomadic Cup: Showmatch-$11.76Age of Empires II

$785.00 From 7 Tournaments
2.17% of Total Prize Money Earned

2021-05-285th-8thTeam-based Tournament » World Desert Championship Main Event-$100.00Age of Empires II
2021-05-081stFrench FFA Showmatch-$122.00Age of Empires II
2021-04-231stCapoch vs Sitaux Bo3 Showmatch-$70.00Age of Empires II
2021-04-172ndPROject_Belgium vs Sitaux Bo7 Showmatch #3-$60.00Age of Empires II
2021-03-0717th-32nd» Hidden Cup 4 Qualifier-$100.00Age of Empires II
2021-02-131stPROject_Belgium vs Sitaux Bo7 Showmatch #2-$303.00Age of Empires II
2021-02-022nd» Deep Waters 3 - Barles vs Sitaux-$30.00Age of Empires II

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$5,187.70 From 35 Tournaments
14.32% of Total Prize Money Earned

2024-06-021stTeam-based Tournament » Relics Masters-$200.00Age of Empires II
2024-03-26LOSETeam-based Tournament » Delicious "1v1" Easter Scramble Co-op Show Match-$38.00Age of Empires II
2023-12-271stTeam-based Tournament 2v2 Enigma Cup-$113.12Age of Empires II
2023-12-039th-16thTeam-based Tournament The Cartographers-$187.50Age of Empires II
2023-07-303rdTeam-based Tournament » Delicious Whirled Cup 2023-$933.00Age of Empires II
2023-07-06WINTeam-based Tournament Top 8 KotD V Showmatch-$225.00Age of Empires II
2023-06-041stTeam-based Tournament Weekend Warlords: New Horizons-$77.81Age of Empires II
2023-06-037th-8thTeam-based Tournament » Nations Cup 2023: Main Event-$124.88Age of Empires II
2023-03-01WINTeam-based Tournament » Rage Forest 4 Showmatch #3: World's Best BF-$125.00Age of Empires II
2022-12-22WINTeam-based Tournament » The Delicious Showmatch 5-$40.00Age of Empires II
2022-11-19WINTeam-based Tournament Masochist Forest-$25.00Age of Empires II
2022-11-131stTeam-based Tournament Weekend Warlords-$15.29Age of Empires II
2022-05-25WIN» RMS Cup 2 Showmatch: JorDan_AoE vs Sitaux-$60.00Age of Empires II
2022-05-065thTeam-based Tournament Rise of the Elephants-$80.00Age of Empires II
2022-03-203rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » Return of the Clans-$125.00Age of Empires II
2022-02-211stTeam-based Tournament » Return of the Clans: Show Match #2-$100.00Age of Empires II
2022-01-261stTeam-based Tournament » Return of the Clans: Show Match-$53.33Age of Empires II
2022-01-013rdTeam-based Tournament 2v2 Dodgeball Championships-$50.00Age of Empires II
2021-06-121stTeam-based Tournament OGN_EMPIRES France vs Belgium Showmatch-$242.00Age of Empires II
2021-05-201stTeam-based Tournament The Golden Showmatch - Argentina vs France-$70.00Age of Empires II
2021-05-161stFrench Cup 2021-$250.00Age of Empires II
2021-04-259th-12thTeam-based Tournament Two Pools 2-$100.00Age of Empires II
2021-04-021stTeam-based Tournament Snow Fort Masters-$16.00Age of Empires II
2021-01-261stTeam-based Tournament WWP vs Heresy Bo5 Showmatch #1-$200.00Age of Empires II
2020-12-209th-16thTeam-based Tournament » 2v2 World Cup 2020 Main Event-$400.00Age of Empires II
2020-12-201stFrench Rumble-$730.00Age of Empires II
2020-10-2517th-32nd» King of the Desert 3-$125.00Age of Empires II
2020-10-046thTeam-based Tournament 2020 AOElympics-$27.63Age of Empires II
2020-08-301stTeam-based Tournament OrnLu's Big Nomad Cup-$100.00Age of Empires II
2020-06-052ndTeam-based Tournament » Battle of Africa 2 - Gold League-$66.41Age of Empires II
2020-03-0117th-32nd» Hidden Cup 3 Qualifiers-$100.00Age of Empires II
2019-11-302ndLa Baguette d’Or€70.00$77.12Age of Empires II
2019-10-061stTeam-based Tournament » European League of Clans - Champions League€50.00$54.90Age of Empires II
2019-06-022ndTeam-based Tournament » Doubles Age - Gold League-$30.00Age of Empires II
2017-10-085th-8thTeam-based Tournament » SY Nations Cup III - Silver League-$25.71Age of Empires II


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