SY Nations Cup III

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2017-06-19 to 2017-10-08

Awarded Players

Brazil dogaoGuilherme Pippi$1,950.00
Brazil FeAgeArmando Rasotto$1,950.00
Brazil miguelMiguel Dornelles$1,950.00
Brazil St4rkEverson Alcântara$1,950.00
Finland NorthernPikeJoona Pesonen$1,140.00
Finland Rubenstock- -$1,140.00
Finland TheMax- -$1,140.00
Finland VilleseVille -$1,140.00
Finland Zuppi- -$1,140.00
China CL_- -$960.00
China geoffrey- -$960.00
China Tim_Xuan, Huang$960.00
China vivi-, -$960.00
China Whoop- -$960.00
Brazil AliveFernando Arnoso$720.00
Brazil BruH- -$720.00
Brazil F1reHelenês Cândido$720.00
Brazil GoKuPaulo Henrique Vergani$720.00
Brazil RiuTDaniel Lima$720.00
Viet Nam ACCM- -$675.00
Viet Nam BacTBien, Ha$675.00
Viet Nam CooL- -$675.00
Viet Nam saymyname- -$675.00
China LoveChengGang, Cheng$540.00
China Lyx-, -$540.00
China paladin-, -$540.00
China _23k_- -$540.00
China _TheYo_-, -$540.00
Canada ChrisChris Bourque$214.29
Canada Geen- -$214.29
Canada HeraHamzah El-Baher$214.29
Canada mentalist- -$214.29
Canada Poisn- -$214.29
Canada Ra- -$214.29
Canada slamChris Gregson$214.29
Argentina Fedex- -$150.00
Argentina Gary- -$150.00
Argentina JuanNNN- -$150.00
Argentina Millo- -$150.00
Argentina MonoZ- -$150.00
Argentina NicovNicolás Bruno$150.00
Argentina PaTiN- -$150.00
Argentina Twigg- -$150.00
Czech Republic CZ_Mango- -$135.00
Czech Republic CZ_Ovenka- -$135.00
Czech Republic CZ_Skull- -$135.00
Czech Republic Error_cz- -$135.00
Czech Republic ExIT- -$135.00
Czech Republic Janik- -$135.00

Prize Money By Country

1.Brazil Brazil$11,580.0017 Players
2.China China$8,130.0018 Players
3.Finland Finland$5,700.005 Players
4.Viet Nam Viet Nam$2,880.0010 Players
5.Canada Canada$1,500.037 Players
6.Argentina Argentina$1,200.008 Players
7.Czech Republic Czech Republic$810.006 Players
8.Japan Japan$480.008 Players
9.Austria Austria$288.004 Players
10.Sweden Sweden$180.006 Players
11.France France$179.977 Players
12.Belarus Belarus$72.001 Player


SY Nations Cup IIICN¥200,000$30,000.00Age of Empires II 
SY Nations Cup III - Silver League-$3,000.00Age of Empires II