Total Prize Money Earned:
$23,951.76 From 89 Tournaments

Fox Roster Summary

Age of Empires$23,951.76100.00%

Country Summary

1.France France$8,127.3433.93%
2.Romania Romania$4,846.7120.24%
3.Uruguay Uruguay$4,727.9219.74%
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation$913.373.81%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Romania Mihai06- -$4,846.71
2.Uruguay Sebastian2002Sebastian Gastelumendi$4,727.92
3.France MargougouLouis Margoulet$2,854.06
4.France CiskhanManu -$1,554.76
5.France c.saletteCédric Salette$1,188.73
6.France PLP- -$1,078.35
7.Russian Federation DarkSergey Perevertkin$913.37
8.France UzikotiJacques -$519.01
9.France Tointoin- -$403.79
10.France CapoutHoang-Bao -$277.08
11.France Lighty- -$259.77
12.France Cl3m3nTClément -$100.67
13.France SitauxArthur Alauzen$29.26
14.France Dfx2- -$25.00
15.France Nyusika- -$6.67


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