The Grande Melee

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2022-12-03 to 2022-12-04

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Canada Canada$40,895.532 Players
2.Austria Austria$20,050.002 Players
3.Norway Norway$15,245.652 Players
4.Spain Spain$10,000.001 Player
5.Finland Finland$4,800.003 Players
6.Germany Germany$4,250.002 Players
7.Viet Nam Viet Nam$4,150.004 Players
8.Serbia Serbia$4,000.001 Player
9.China China$2,450.006 Players
10.Russian Federation Russian Federation$1,300.001 Player
11.Argentina Argentina$850.003 Players
12.France France$850.003 Players
13.Brazil Brazil$800.004 Players
14.Mexico Mexico$300.002 Players
15.Poland Poland$300.002 Players
16.India India$250.001 Player
17.Chile Chile$100.002 Players
18.Romania Romania$100.002 Players
19.Czech Republic Czech Republic$50.001 Player
20.Estonia Estonia$50.001 Player
21.Hong Kong Hong Kong$50.001 Player
22.Sweden Sweden$50.001 Player
23.Turkey Turkey$50.001 Player
24.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$50.001 Player
25.Uruguay Uruguay$50.001 Player


The Grand Melee-$100,000.00Age of Empires II 
The Grand Melee Showmatch: Mr. Yo vs Vinchester-$3,300.00Age of Empires II 
The Grand Melee: Replacement Qualifier-$2,500.00Age of Empires II 
The Grand Melee: Qualifier-$4,200.00Age of Empires II 
The Grand Melee Showmatch: Hera vs TheViper-$1,041.18Age of Empires II