Tran "MeomaikA" Hong Phuc - StarCraft II Player

Tran, Hong Phuc
(Trần Hồng Phúc)
Date of Birth:
January 12, 1994
Viet Nam
Viet Nam
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$37,388.21 From 60 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
<Flames>MeomaikA, <Q9>MeomaikA, AsusVietnam, HeoQuaDuong, MememaikA, MeomaikA, ObeyOrCheese, TurnM, ZergKhan

Results by Team

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$37,388.21 From 60 Tournaments
100.00% of Total Prize Money Earned

2024-04-289th-11th» ESL SC2 Masters 2024 Spring: Asia-$1,300.00StarCraft II
2023-11-255th-8th» Korean Starcraft League #36-$20.00StarCraft II
2023-11-197th-8th» ESL SC2 Masters 2023 Winter: Asia-$1,500.00StarCraft II
2023-07-165th-8th» Korean Starcraft League #19-$20.00StarCraft II
2023-06-175th-8th» Korean Starcraft League #15-$20.00StarCraft II
2023-05-275th-8th» Korean Starcraft League #12-$20.00StarCraft II
2023-05-219th-11th» ESL SC2 Masters 2023 Summer: Asia-$1,200.00StarCraft II
2023-04-0231st-60th» Golden League II-$100.00Age of Empires IV
2023-02-063rd-4th» ESL Open Cup #161 Korea-$50.00StarCraft II
2023-01-2215th-18th» OSC Championship 10-$100.00StarCraft II
2022-11-2025th-32nd» DH SC2 Masters 2022 Atlanta-$1,000.00StarCraft II
2022-10-309th-12th» WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest Tournament 9-$125.00StarCraft II
2022-10-021st» DH SC2 Masters 2022 Atlanta: Oceania-$4,500.00StarCraft II
2022-09-0425th-32nd» TeamLiquid StarLeague 9-$100.00StarCraft II
2022-07-0317th-24th» DH SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia-$1,250.00StarCraft II
2022-05-2941th-48th» Golden League-$50.00Age of Empires IV
2022-05-221st» DH SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia: Oceania-$4,500.00StarCraft II
2022-05-012ndElite Cup #2-$20.00Age of Empires IV
2022-01-2511th-14th» OSC Championship 9-$100.00StarCraft II
2022-01-155th-6thElite Cup #1-$5.00Age of Empires IV
2021-10-035th-6th» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter: Oceania-$850.00StarCraft II
2021-08-012nd» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: Oceania-$2,400.00StarCraft II
2021-05-237th-8th» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: Oceania-$550.00StarCraft II
2021-01-1115th-18th» OSC Championship 8-$100.00StarCraft II
2020-10-255th-6th» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Oceania / Rest of Asia-$900.00StarCraft II
2020-08-303rd» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Oceania / Rest of Asia-$1,600.00StarCraft II
2020-06-285th-6th» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: OCE/RoA-$900.00StarCraft II
2020-01-1919th-26th» OSC Championship 7-$100.00StarCraft II
2019-11-031st» WESG 2019/20 - SEA Qualifier (SC2)-$3,750.00StarCraft II
2019-10-0713th-16th» WardiTV Summer Championship 2019 - Finals-$25.00StarCraft II
2019-10-061st» WESG 2019/20 - Vietnam Qualifier (SC2)-$375.00StarCraft II
2019-08-222nd» WardiTV Summer Championship 2019 - Asia & SEA-$50.00StarCraft II
2019-08-195th-8th» Blazing Series: May Season 2NT$1,200.00$38.76StarCraft II
2019-08-185th-8th» SC2Online OSC Masters Cup #120-$33.00StarCraft II
2019-08-085th-8th» WCS 2019 Fall - OCE/SEA QualifierA$600.00$404.22StarCraft II
2019-07-172nd» CyberGamer 2019 Season 2A$300.00$211.50StarCraft II
2019-06-065th-8th» WCS 2019 Summer - OCE/SEA QualifierA$600.00$418.20StarCraft II
2019-04-077th-8th» WCS 2019 Spring - OCE/SEA Qualifier-$365.00StarCraft II
2019-04-0625th-32nd» WCS Winter Americas 2019-$675.00StarCraft II
2019-03-253rd-4th» CyberGamer 2019 Season 1A$300.00$216.00StarCraft II
2019-01-133rd» CyberGamer 2018 Season 3A$50.00$35.85StarCraft II
2019-01-1319th-26th» OSC Championship 6-$27.50StarCraft II
2018-12-152nd» WESG 2018 - SEA Qualifier (SC2)-$2,250.00StarCraft II
2018-09-221st» WESG 2018 - Vietnam Qualifier (SC2)-$375.00StarCraft II
2018-08-303rd » Asian Games 2018 (SC2)-$0.00StarCraft II
2018-08-181st» CyberGamer 2018 Season 2A$400.00$298.40StarCraft II
2018-08-124th» WCS 2018 Montreal - OCE/SEA Qualifier-$730.00StarCraft II
2018-06-173rd» WCS 2018 Valencia - OCE/SEA QualifierA$1,500.00$1,164.00StarCraft II
2018-04-292nd» SC2ONLINE Community Open #93-$15.00StarCraft II
2018-04-222nd» SC2ONLINE Community Open #92-$15.00StarCraft II
2018-01-212nd» SC2ONLINE Community Open #80-$25.00StarCraft II
2018-01-1411th-14th» OSC Championship 5-$175.00StarCraft II
2018-01-077th-8th» WCS 2018 Leipzig - OCE/SEA QualifierNT$600.00$469.23StarCraft II
2017-11-261stProbe Starcraft League: Online Cup 2-$200.00StarCraft II
2017-10-152nd» SC2Online OSC Masters Cup #103-$25.00StarCraft II
2017-09-162nd» SC2Online OSC Masters Cup #101-$25.00StarCraft II
2017-08-265th-6th» WCS 2017 Montreal - OCE/SEA Qualifier-$605.00StarCraft II
2017-06-245th-6th» WCS 2017 Valencia - OCE/SEA Qualifier-$605.00StarCraft II
2017-04-232nd» SC2Online OSC Masters Cup #92-$25.00StarCraft II
2017-04-025th-6th» WCS 2017 Austin - Oceania/SEA QualifierA$500.00$381.55StarCraft II


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