NuckleDu - Du Cong Dang

Du Cong "NuckleDu" Dang - Fighting Game Player

Du Cong Dang
Date of Birth:
May 12, 1996
United States
United States
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$331,099.20 From 75 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
Liquid|NuckleDu, NuckleDu, UYG.EMP|NuckleDu

Results by Game

$296,187.23 From 25 Tournaments
89.46% of Total Prize Money Earned

2017-11-194th» Capcom Pro Tour NA Regional Finals 2017-$3,000.00
2017-10-294th» Canada Cup 2017 (SFV)-$1,000.00
2017-09-215th-6thNorthern Arena KNOCKOUT 2017 (SFV)-$1,500.00
2017-09-1713th-16th» Brooklyn Beatdown Round 2-$750.00
2017-09-101st» DreamHack Montreal 2017 (SFV)-$4,700.00
2017-08-131st» Summer Jam XI: Street Fighter V-$1,078.00
2017-07-165th-6th» Evo 2017 (SFV)-$3,025.00
2017-06-241stNorthern Fights National Finals (SFV)C$10,000.00$7,760.26
2017-06-187th-8th» CEO 2017 (SFV)-$609.60
2017-05-281st» Combo Breaker 2017 (SFV)-$10,270.00
2017-05-269th-12th» ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational-$1,000.00
2017-04-162nd» Norcal Regionals 2017 (SFV)-$3,000.00
2017-03-182nd» Fighters Underground at SXSW 2017-$4,000.00
2017-03-123rd» Final Round 20 (SFV)-$1,500.00
2017-01-281st» Frosty Faustings IX: Street Fighter V-$1,536.00
2016-12-031st» Capcom Cup 2016-$230,000.00
2016-11-061st» Capcom Pro Tour NA Regional Finals 2016-$7,000.00
2016-10-301st» Canada Cup 2016 (SFV)C$9,334.00$6,968.02
2016-10-165th-6th» SoCal Regionals 2016 (SFV)-$865.80
2016-10-029th-12th» Brooklyn Beatdown ESL One NY 2016-$1,500.00
2016-08-211st» Summer Jam X (SFV)-$2,051.00
2016-06-265th-6th» CEO 2016 (SFV)-$875.55
2016-05-294th» Combo Breaker 2016 (SFV)-$448.00
2016-05-082nd» DreamHack Austin 2016 (SFV)-$1,000.00
2016-03-275th-6th» NorCal Regionals 2016 (SFV)-$750.00

$20,752.42 From 22 Tournaments
6.27% of Total Prize Money Earned

2020-01-264th» Evo Japan 2020 (SFV:AE)¥120,000$1,095.41
2019-12-1517th-24thCapcom Cup 2019-$500.00
2019-10-202nd» ECT 2019 (SFV:AE)-$336.00
2019-09-292ndTeam-based Tournament SFL: Pro-US 2019 Season 1, Mid-Season Championship-$5,000.00
2019-07-141st» Toryuken 8 (SFV:AE)C$406.00$311.63
2019-05-191stGoTE 4TheKids 2019 (SFV:AE)-$120.00
2019-04-282nd» Northwest Majors XI (SFV:AE)-$341.55
2019-01-195th-6th» Frosty Faustings XI: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition-$37.80
2018-12-1613th-16th» Capcom Cup 2018-$1,000.00
2018-11-184th» CPT NA Regional Finals 2018-$1,000.00
2018-11-187th-8th» CPT NA Regional Open 2018-$500.00
2018-10-211st» ECT 2018 (SFV:AE)-$930.00
2018-09-234th» CPT Japan Premier 2018-$1,000.00
2018-09-092nd» DreamHack Montreal 2018 (SFV:AE)-$3,000.00
2018-09-023rd» Duplicate of$294.00
2018-09-023rd» Summer Jam 12 (SFV:AE)-$294.00
2018-07-221st» Defend the North 2018 (SFV:AE)-$1,197.00
2018-07-1313th-16th» ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational 2018-$1,000.00
2018-07-017th-8th» CEO 2018 (SFV:AE)-$500.00
2018-05-203rd» Toryuken 7 (SFV:AE)C$58.00$45.03
2018-04-013rd» NorCal Regionals 2018 (SFV:AE)-$1,500.00
2018-03-185th-6th» Final Round 2018 (SFV:AE)-$750.00

$363.00 From 7 Tournaments
0.11% of Total Prize Money Earned

2014-04-201st » NorCal Regionals 2014 (SFxT)-$0.00
2014-03-165th-6th » Final Round XVII (SFxT)-$0.00
2014-03-022nd » SoCal Regionals 2014 (SFxT)-$0.00
2013-09-154th » The Fall Classic 2013 (SFxT)-$0.00
2013-05-192nd » ECT V (SFxT)-$0.00
2013-05-151st» NLBC #19 (SFxT)-$63.00
2012-12-0813th-16th» Street Fighter 25th Ann. - Grand Finals (SFxT)-$300.00

$53.20 From 3 Tournaments
0.02% of Total Prize Money Earned

2014-03-025th-6th » SoCal Regionals 2014 (SSFIV:AE)-$0.00
2014-01-195th-6th» Apex 2014 (SSFIV:AE)-$28.20
2014-01-152nd» NLBC #53 (SSFIV:AE)-$25.00

$13,743.35 From 18 Tournaments
4.15% of Total Prize Money Earned

2019-07-143rd» Toryuken 8 (USFIV)C$20.00$15.35
2017-01-281st» Frosty Faustings IX: Ultra Street Fighter IV-$196.00
2016-06-265th-6th» CEO 2016 (USFIV)-$18.30
2016-05-291st» Combo Breaker 2016 (USFIV)-$415.00
2016-03-273rd» NorCal Regionals 2016 (USFIV)-$77.00
2016-03-201st» Final Round 19 (USFIV)-$978.00
2016-01-171st» Kumite in Tennessee 2016 (USFIV)-$528.00
2015-11-252nd» WNF 2015 USFIV 4.6-$109.50
2015-11-181st» WNF 2015 USFIV 4.5-$129.00
2015-08-091st» EGL Dallas 10K (USFIV)-$5,000.00
2015-07-197th-8th» Evo 2015 (USFIV)-$1,722.70
2015-05-241st» Combo Breaker 2015 (USFIV)-$1,325.00
2015-04-053rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » NorCal Regionals 2015 (USFIV 3v3)-$0.00
2015-04-053rd» NorCal Regionals 2015 (USFIV)-$1,500.00
2015-02-011st» Apex 2015 (USFIV)-$1,408.00
2014-10-124th» The Fall Classic 2014 (USFIV)-$200.00
2014-09-032nd» NLBC #86 (USFIV ES)-$13.00
2014-08-271st» NLBC #85 (USFIV)-$108.50


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