NuckleDu - Du Cong Dang

Du Cong "NuckleDu" Dang - Fighting Game Player

Du Cong Dang
Date of Birth:
May 12, 1996
United States
United States
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$334,546.97 From 83 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
Liquid|NuckleDu, NuckleDu, UYG.EMP|NuckleDu

Du Cong "NuckleDu" Dang is an American fighting game player.

Earnings By Year

Total ResultsOnline ResultsOffline/LAN Results

Earnings By Age

Total ResultsOnline ResultsOffline/LAN Results
26 Years Old$500.0010.15%|$500.0010.15%|$0.0000.00%
24 Years Old$1,240.0950.37%|$1,240.0950.37%|$0.0000.00%
23 Years Old$8,143.5992.43%|$765.2020.23%|$7,378.3972.21%
22 Years Old$10,845.38133.24%|$0.0000.00%|$10,845.38133.24%
21 Years Old$36,942.861311.04%|$0.0000.00%|$36,942.861311.04%
20 Years Old$261,610.151678.20%|$0.0000.00%|$261,610.151678.20%
19 Years Old$11,619.20103.47%|$0.0000.00%|$11,619.20103.47%
18 Years Old$3,229.5060.97%|$0.0000.00%|$3,229.5060.97%
17 Years Old$116.2090.03%|$0.0000.00%|$116.2090.03%
16 Years Old$300.0010.09%|$0.0000.00%|$300.0010.09%

Earnings By Game

Total ResultsOnline ResultsOffline/LAN Results
Street Fighter V$297,423.712688.90%|$0.0000.00%|$297,423.712688.90%
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition$20,458.42216.12%|$0.0000.00%|$20,458.42216.12%
Street Fighter V: Champion Edition$2,505.2980.75%|$2,505.2980.75%|$0.0000.00%
Street Fighter X Tekken$363.0070.11%|$0.0000.00%|$363.0070.11%
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition$53.2030.02%|$0.0000.00%|$53.2030.02%
Ultra Street Fighter IV$13,743.35184.11%|$0.0000.00%|$13,743.35184.11%

Earnings By Team

Total ResultsOnline ResultsOffline/LAN Results
Echo Fox$135.3520.04%|$0.0000.00%|$135.3520.04%
Empire Arcadia$416.20100.12%|$0.0000.00%|$416.20100.12%
Ghost Gaming$9,611.98112.87%|$0.0000.00%|$9,611.98112.87%
Team Liquid$309,593.733992.54%|$0.0000.00%|$309,593.733992.54%

Highest Prize Money Won

1.2016-12-031st» Capcom Cup 2016$230,000.00Street Fighter V
2.2017-05-281st» Combo Breaker 2017 (SFV)$10,270.00Street Fighter V
3.2017-06-241stNorthern Fights National Finals (SFV)$7,760.26Street Fighter V
4.2016-11-061st» Capcom Pro Tour NA Regional Finals 2016$7,000.00Street Fighter V
5.2016-10-301st» Canada Cup 2016 (SFV)$6,968.02Street Fighter V
6.2015-08-091st» EGL Dallas 10K (USFIV)$5,000.00Ultra Street Fighter IV
7.2019-09-292ndTeam-based Tournament SFL: Pro-US 2019 Season 1, Mid-Season Championship$5,000.00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
8.2017-09-101st» DreamHack Montreal 2017 (SFV)$4,700.00Street Fighter V
9.2017-03-182nd» Fighters Underground at SXSW 2017$4,000.00Street Fighter V
10.2017-07-165th-6th» Evo 2017 (SFV)$3,025.00Street Fighter V

Top Placements

30 Tournaments
13 Tournaments
8 Tournaments

Other Statistics

Overall Ranking

At this time, NuckleDu is ranked #672 in highest overall earnings, and #119 in highest earnings for players from United States.

Prize Money Earned Under 18 Years of Age

Before NuckleDu turned 18 years old, he earned $416.20 in cash prizes from 10 tournaments. 0.12% of his total prize money was earned before May 12, 2014.

Largest Prize from a Single Tournament

Out of the 83 tournaments awarding cash prizes that NuckleDu had competed in, the largest amount was $230,000.00 from Capcom Cup 2016 on December 3, 2016. He placed 1st, making up 68.75% of his total prize money won.

$100,000 Milestone

NuckleDu obtained $100,000 in total prize money earned on December 3, 2016 with a $230,000.00 cash prize from his 1st place finish at Capcom Cup 2016. Prize money from 37 tournaments got him to that point.


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