Sean "Probe" Kempen - Stormgate Player

Sean Kempen
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$76,483.21 From 75 Tournaments
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Results by Team

$53,879.86 From 44 Tournaments
70.45% of Total Prize Money Earned

2022-02-2729th-36th» IEM Season XVI - Katowice (SC2)-$550.00StarCraft II
2021-11-149th-16thGENESIS-$500.00Age of Empires IV
2021-10-037th-8th» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Winter: Oceania-$550.00StarCraft II
2021-09-1213th-16th» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: Season Finals-$1,250.00StarCraft II
2021-08-011st» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: Oceania-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2021-07-0413th-16th» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: Season Finals-$1,250.00StarCraft II
2021-05-231st» DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: Oceania-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2021-02-2829th-36th» IEM Season XV - World Championship (SC2)-$500.00StarCraft II
2020-10-255th-6th» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Oceania / Rest of Asia-$900.00StarCraft II
2020-09-2013th-16th» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Season Finals-$1,500.00StarCraft II
2020-08-301st» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Oceania / Rest of Asia-$3,500.00StarCraft II
2020-06-282nd» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: OCE/RoA-$2,500.00StarCraft II
2019-11-0131st» WCS 2019 Global Finals-$4,500.00StarCraft II
2019-09-0825th-32nd» WCS 2019 Fall-$1,250.00StarCraft II
2019-09-012ndMelbourne StarCraft Open 2019A$500.00$337.00StarCraft II
2019-08-085th-8th» WCS 2019 Fall - OCE/SEA QualifierA$600.00$404.22StarCraft II
2019-08-031stBrisCraft 2019A$600.00$408.00StarCraft II
2019-07-173rd-4th» CyberGamer 2019 Season 2A$200.00$141.00StarCraft II
2019-06-062nd» WCS 2019 Summer - OCE/SEA QualifierA$2,100.00$1,463.70StarCraft II
2019-05-199th-16th» WCS 2019 Spring-$2,750.00StarCraft II
2019-04-072nd» WCS 2019 Spring - OCE/SEA Qualifier-$1,534.00StarCraft II
2019-04-068th» WCS Winter Americas 2019-$1,600.00StarCraft II
2019-03-251st» CyberGamer 2019 Season 1A$600.00$432.00StarCraft II
2019-03-03Round 2» IEM XIII - Katowice 2019 (SC2)-$600.00StarCraft II
2018-12-095th-8th» Cheeseadelphia 8-$500.00StarCraft II
2018-11-251st» WESG 2018 - Oceania Qualifier (SC2)-$2,500.00StarCraft II
2018-10-201stSydney StimpackA$650.00$485.55StarCraft II
2018-09-0925th-32nd» DreamHack Montreal 2018 (SC2 - WCS Circuit)-$1,250.00StarCraft II
2018-08-122nd» WCS 2018 Montreal - OCE/SEA Qualifier-$1,534.00StarCraft II
2018-07-233rd-4th» Afreeca World Invitational #17-$20.00StarCraft II
2018-06-174th» WCS 2018 Valencia - OCE/SEA QualifierA$1,100.00$853.60StarCraft II
2018-06-103rd-4th» PSISTORM Gaming Cup #6-$300.00StarCraft II
2018-05-055th-6th» WCS 2018 Austin - OCE/SEA QualifierA$800.00$628.96StarCraft II
2018-03-04Round 1» IEM XII - World Championship (SC2)-$600.00StarCraft II
2018-02-079th-16th» IEM XII - PyeongChang (SC2)-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2018-01-2817th-32nd» DreamHack Leipzig 2018 (SC2 - WCS Circuit)-$1,250.00StarCraft II
2018-01-213rd-4th» Cheeseadelphia 6-$700.00StarCraft II
2018-01-1419th-26th» OSC Championship 5-$125.00StarCraft II
2018-01-071st» WCS 2018 Leipzig - OCE/SEA QualifierNT$2,600.00$2,033.33StarCraft II
2017-10-211st2017 ESL ANZ Cup OctoberA$500.00$380.00StarCraft II
2017-10-211st» ESL ANZ Cup October 2017A$500.00$391.50StarCraft II
2017-09-171st» ESL ANZ Cup September 2017A$500.00$394.00StarCraft II
2017-09-1017th-24th» DreamHack Montreal 2017 (SC2)-$1,000.00StarCraft II
2017-08-262nd» WCS 2017 Montreal - OCE/SEA Qualifier-$1,514.00StarCraft II

$8,663.61 From 11 Tournaments
11.33% of Total Prize Money Earned

2017-06-242nd» WCS 2017 Valencia - OCE/SEA Qualifier-$1,514.00StarCraft II
2017-05-213rd» WCS 2017 Jönköping - OCE/SEA QualifierA$1,000.00$747.21StarCraft II
2017-04-309th-16th» DreamHack Austin 2017 (SC2 WCS)-$2,500.00StarCraft II
2017-04-151st» SC2ONLINE Community Open #40-$75.00StarCraft II
2017-04-021st» WCS 2017 Austin - Oceania/SEA QualifierA$4,000.00$3,052.40StarCraft II
2017-01-0811th-14th» OSC Championship 4-$175.00StarCraft II
2016-09-244th» ESL ANZ Cup September 2016-$100.00StarCraft II
2016-08-142nd» ESL ANZ Cup August 2016-$250.00StarCraft II
2016-08-131st» SC2 SEA Masters Cup #76-$75.00StarCraft II
2016-07-313rd» ESL ANZ Cup July 2016-$150.00StarCraft II
2016-07-232nd» SC2ONLINE Community Open #18-$25.00StarCraft II

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$13,939.74 From 20 Tournaments
18.23% of Total Prize Money Earned

2024-02-29LOSE» afterMath Arena #1-$30.00Stormgate
2024-02-254thThe Alpha Navigators Cup Season 0-$81.30Stormgate
2024-02-24LOSETeam-based Tournament Team Vanguard vs Team Infernal-$95.42Stormgate
2024-02-185th-8th» EGC Stormgate Open-$400.00Stormgate
2022-12-181st» BrisVegas Summer 2022 (SC2)A$1,000.00$668.00StarCraft II
2022-10-093rd-4th» PAX Arena StarCraft II ChampionshipsA$500.00$324.50StarCraft II
2022-10-022nd» DH SC2 Masters 2022 Atlanta: Oceania-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2022-05-224th» DH SC2 Masters 2022 Valencia: Oceania-$1,900.00StarCraft II
2022-01-239th-16th» Winter Championship-$500.00Age of Empires IV
2017-07-159th-16th» DreamHack Valencia 2017 (SC2)-$2,500.00StarCraft II
2016-06-197th-8th» WCS 2016 Summer Regional Challengers - OCE/SEA-$300.00StarCraft II
2016-05-294th» ESL ANZ Cup May 2016-$100.00StarCraft II
2016-04-177th-8th» WCS 2016 Spring Regional Challengers - OCE/SEA-$300.00StarCraft II
2016-02-144th» WCS 2016 Winter Regional Challengers - OCE/SEA/JP-$1,500.00StarCraft II
2016-01-249th-16th» DreamHack Leipzig 2016 (SC2)-$1,000.00StarCraft II
2016-01-1019th-26th» OSC Championship 3A$75.00$53.88StarCraft II
2015-09-061st» ACL Melbourne 2015 (SC2)A$1,000.00$692.27StarCraft II
2015-07-053rd» WCS 2015: Season 3 - OCE & SEA QualifierA$350.00$286.09StarCraft II
2014-12-2117th-20th» OSC Championship 2A$25.00$20.34StarCraft II
2014-07-207th-8th» ACL 2014 Pro Circuit: SydneyA$200.00$187.94StarCraft II


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