ROOT Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$712,157.61 From 640 Tournaments

ROOT Gaming Roster Summary

Dota 2$15,500.002.18%
StarCraft II$628,726.1688.28%
Super Smash Bros. Melee$687.600.10%
WarCraft 3$50.000.01%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$242,673.0034.08%
2.Brazil Brazil$122,389.0217.19%
3.Canada Canada$120,413.9316.91%
4.United States United States$92,119.4412.94%
5.Australia Australia$41,361.435.81%
6.Mexico Mexico$36,758.365.16%
7.Peru Peru$8,497.331.19%
8.New Zealand New Zealand$6,984.900.98%
9.Sweden Sweden$6,799.420.95%
10.Germany Germany$5,244.430.74%
11.Norway Norway$1,592.420.22%
12.India India$1,207.850.17%
13.Hong Kong Hong Kong$1,000.000.14%
14.France France$729.940.10%
15.United Kingdom United Kingdom$123.270.02%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Brazil KelazhurDiego Schwimer$133,079.23
2.Korea, Republic of HydraShin, Dong Won$127,892.68
3.Korea, Republic of herOKim, Joon Ho$100,602.14
4.Canada HotformDylan Mullins$55,000.00
5.United States NinaNina Qual$33,267.12
6.Australia iaguzEthan Zugai$32,697.82
7.Canada MaSaMaru Kim$28,217.42
8.Canada SemperAlexandru Dimitriu$20,309.59
9.United States MinigunChad Jones$20,075.00
10.Mexico SpeCialJuan Carlos Lopez$16,587.82
11.Mexico ChamPablo Cham Blanco$16,428.04
12.Australia ProbeSean Kempen$8,663.61
13.Peru CatZPaulo Vizcarra$8,497.33
14.Canada KiWiKaKiJonathan Garneau$7,850.00
15.United States IllusionChris Lee$7,000.00
16.New Zealand PetraeusMackenzie Smith$6,984.90
17.Sweden OstkakaSebastian Engwall$5,649.42
18.Korea, Republic of SageWoo, Kyung Chul$5,642.04
19.United States StateRyan Visbeck$5,620.00
20.Germany XixoSebastian Bentert$5,244.43
21.Canada KaneSam Morrissette$5,125.00
22.Korea, Republic of YuGiOhJung, Seung Il$4,647.79
23.United States qxcKevin Riley$4,120.00
24.Korea, Republic of SuperNoVaKim, Young Jin$3,868.35
25.Mexico JimRisingJaime Duran Silencio$3,742.50


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