Thomas "ShaDoWn" Labrousse - StarCraft II Player

Thomas Labrousse
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$17,719.46 From 40 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$9,489.24 From 20 Tournaments
53.55% of Total Prize Money Earned

2018-09-099th-16th» DreamHack Montreal 2018 (SC2 - WCS Circuit)-$2,750.00StarCraft II
2018-09-031st» Underdogs Season 48-$253.00StarCraft II
2018-08-062nd» Underdogs Season 47-$128.00StarCraft II
2018-07-1425th-32nd» DreamHack Valencia 2018 (SC2 - WCS Circuit)-$1,250.00StarCraft II
2018-07-093rd-4th » Underdogs Season 46-$0.00StarCraft II
2018-05-282nd» HFLAN 16 (SC2)€300.00$352.43StarCraft II
2018-03-261st» Underdogs Season 43-$275.00StarCraft II
2018-02-122nd» Underdogs Season 42-$127.24StarCraft II
2017-11-121st» HFLAN 15 (SC2)€550.00$634.92StarCraft II
2017-08-024th» Underdogs Season 36€100.00$118.65StarCraft II
2017-06-262nd» Underdogs Season 35€250.00$283.63StarCraft II
2017-05-293rd» Underdogs Season 34€150.00$167.18StarCraft II
2017-05-082nd» DreamHack Tours 2017 (SC2 - BYOC)€1,500.00$1,649.97StarCraft II
2017-05-084th» Underdogs Season 33€100.00$111.46StarCraft II
2017-03-171st» Underdogs Season 32€500.00$527.08StarCraft II
2017-03-093rd» Underdogs Season 31€150.00$158.12StarCraft II
2016-12-091st» Underdogs Season 30€200.00$211.88StarCraft II
2016-11-283rd-4th» Topdogs Season 8€150.00$164.41StarCraft II
2016-11-211st» Underdogs Season 29€200.00$214.82StarCraft II
2016-10-192nd» Underdogs Season 28€100.00$111.45StarCraft II

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$8,230.22 From 20 Tournaments
46.45% of Total Prize Money Earned

2020-07-1217th-20th» DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: EU-$1,625.00StarCraft II
2020-03-01Round 2» IEM XIV - Katowice 2020 (SC2)-$600.00StarCraft II
2019-07-1417th-24th» WCS 2019 Summer-$1,250.00StarCraft II
2019-04-212nd» Gamers Assembly 2019 (SC2)€400.00$449.80StarCraft II
2019-04-0725th-32nd» WCS Winter Europe 2019-$675.00StarCraft II
2019-02-043rd-4th» Underdogs Season 52-$62.50StarCraft II
2018-12-101st» Underdogs Season 51-$250.00StarCraft II
2018-11-253rd» HFLAN 17 (SC2)€120.00$136.44StarCraft II
2016-09-192nd» Underdogs Season 27€100.00$111.45StarCraft II
2016-09-175th-8th» EU Ladder Heroes August 2016-$12.50StarCraft II
2016-08-283rd-4th» Topdogs Season 5€150.00$170.18StarCraft II
2016-08-191st» Underdogs Season 26€200.00$222.90StarCraft II
2016-08-1417th-32nd» WCS 2016: Summer Circuit Championship-$1,500.00StarCraft II
2016-07-0913th-16th» WCS 2016 Summer Regional Challengers - EU-$400.00StarCraft II
2016-06-272nd» Underdogs Season 25€100.00$111.45StarCraft II
2016-05-231st» Underdogs Season 24€200.00$222.90StarCraft II
2016-04-102nd» HF Lan #12 (SC2)€225.00$255.17StarCraft II
2015-07-192nd» Go4SC2 EU #490€50.00$54.14StarCraft II
2015-01-263rd-4th» Underdogs Season 14€50.00$62.67StarCraft II
2015-01-232nd» JudgeHype Cup #6€50.00$58.12StarCraft II


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