Gamers Assembly 2024

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2024-03-30 to 2024-04-01

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.France France$21,693.5765 Players
2.Sweden Sweden$1,152.523 Players
3.Belgium Belgium$717.611 Player
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation$717.611 Player
5.Germany Germany$543.641 Player
6.Netherlands Netherlands$350.111 Player
7.Slovakia Slovakia$339.231 Player
8.Australia Australia$163.091 Player
9.Greece Greece$108.731 Player


Gamers Assembly 2024 (CS2)€980.00$1,065.53Counter-Strike 2 
Nexus Tour 2024 Gamers Assembly€10,000.00$10,872.86League of Legends 
Hex Tour: Set 11 - LAN Gamers Assembly€2,128.00$2,313.75Teamfight Tactics 
VALORANT Open Tour France 2024: Stage 3€8,260.00$8,980.99VALORANT 
Gamers Assembly 2024 (Halo Infinite)€1,008.00$1,095.98Halo Infinite 
Gamers Assembly 2024 (OW2)€2,660.00$2,892.18Overwatch 2 
Gamers Assembly 2024 (R6S)€5,040.00$5,479.93Rainbow Six Siege 
Gamers Assembly 2024 (SC2)€784.00$852.42StarCraft II 
Gamers Assembly 2024 (TM2020 - Mixed)€532.00$578.44Trackmania (2020) 
Gamers Assembly 2024 (TM2 - Canyon)€532.00$578.44TrackMania 2: Canyon