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Overall Esports Stats For February 2016

Total Prize Money: $2,115,665.00
Total Tournaments: 351
Total Active Players: 2214
Mean Tournament Prize Pool: $6,027.54
Mean Earnings/Player: $955.58
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $425.00
Median Earnings/Player: $225.00

Top Countries for February 2016

1.United States United States$525,346.15564 Players
2.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$185,051.4588 Players
3.Denmark Denmark$171,759.8797 Players
4.Sweden Sweden$149,021.89125 Players
5.France France$143,873.1781 Players
6.United Kingdom United Kingdom$84,586.13116 Players
7.Germany Germany$78,837.8080 Players
8.Canada Canada$74,671.3366 Players
9.Australia Australia$57,575.0073 Players
10.Ukraine Ukraine$50,512.1136 Players
11.Russian Federation Russian Federation$48,554.8392 Players
12.Finland Finland$47,855.8731 Players
13.Poland Poland$43,378.0084 Players
14.Netherlands Netherlands$43,107.6941 Players
15.Norway Norway$40,623.4760 Players
16.Mexico Mexico$32,303.8017 Players
17.Mongolia Mongolia$30,000.005 Players
18.Brazil Brazil$29,400.6050 Players
19.Peru Peru$25,805.0011 Players
20.Belgium Belgium$25,559.2620 Players
21.China China$14,675.1916 Players
22.Spain Spain$14,606.1746 Players
23.Lithuania Lithuania$13,121.2315 Players
24.Bulgaria Bulgaria$12,855.9517 Players
25.Romania Romania$12,200.003 Players
26.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$10,600.0019 Players
27.Slovakia Slovakia$10,528.248 Players
28.Greece Greece$10,303.1515 Players
29.Philippines Philippines$9,813.1729 Players
30.Pakistan Pakistan$9,559.802 Players
31.New Zealand New Zealand$8,950.0011 Players
32.Estonia Estonia$7,899.656 Players
33.Malaysia Malaysia$6,937.5010 Players
34.Singapore Singapore$6,530.0011 Players
35.Turkey Turkey$6,507.599 Players
36.Czech Republic Czech Republic$5,911.3616 Players
37.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$5,800.003 Players
38.Belarus Belarus$4,372.018 Players
39.Hungary Hungary$3,051.1613 Players
40.Portugal Portugal$2,964.2612 Players
41.Venezuela Venezuela$2,900.002 Players
42.Colombia Colombia$2,500.004 Players
43.Jordan Jordan$2,483.001 Player
44.Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of$2,483.001 Player
45.South Africa South Africa$2,388.5011 Players
46.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$2,216.157 Players
47.Austria Austria$2,181.977 Players
48.Slovenia Slovenia$1,772.4510 Players
49.Ireland Ireland$1,505.213 Players
50.Hong Kong Hong Kong$1,150.004 Players
51.Croatia Croatia$1,122.618 Players
52.Japan Japan$1,043.607 Players
53.Italy Italy$974.966 Players
54.Chile Chile$834.973 Players
55.Viet Nam Viet Nam$750.002 Players
56.Switzerland Switzerland$697.995 Players
57.Latvia Latvia$681.343 Players
58.Uruguay Uruguay$600.001 Player
59.Bolivia Bolivia$560.432 Players
60.Israel Israel$500.001 Player
61.Thailand Thailand$454.2510 Players
62.Serbia Serbia$425.003 Players
63.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$333.342 Players
64.Argentina Argentina$300.2910 Players
65.Georgia Georgia$243.973 Players
66.United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates$100.001 Player
67.Albania Albania$100.001 Player
68.Puerto Rico Puerto Rico$77.502 Players
69.India India$50.001 Player