Fantasy Expo Challenge Season 4

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2017-01-27 to 2017-09-29

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Poland Poland$8,880.22105 Players
2.Russian Federation Russian Federation$307.342 Players
3.Belarus Belarus$153.671 Player


AIM KING 19150zł$41.13Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
Versus 4150zł$41.06Heroes of the Storm 
Champions 5150zł$41.06League of Legends 
FEC Games 9 (SC2)1,000zł$270.93StarCraft II 
FEC Games 7 (HS)1,200zł$330.19Hearthstone 
SPRITE FEC Tournament 6500zł$140.25Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
Champions 4150zł$42.08League of Legends 
Sprite Elimination 7450zł$125.15Overwatch 
Aegis Cup 4500zł$139.80Dota 2 
SPRITE FEC Tournament 5500zł$139.80Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
FEC Classic 18150zł$41.94StarCraft II 
Versus 3150zł$41.66Heroes of the Storm 
Sprite Pojedynek 15150zł$42.47Overwatch 
Versus 2150zł$41.93Heroes of the Storm 
FEC Games 1 (LoL)1,200zł$336.48League of Legends 
FEC Classic 17150zł$42.33StarCraft II 
Sprite Pojedynek 14150zł$41.55Overwatch 
Versus 1150zł$41.34Heroes of the Storm 
Champions 3150zł$41.34League of Legends 
AIM KING 17150zł$41.30Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
FEC Classic 16150zł$41.43StarCraft II 
Midlane Clash 6200zł$54.92Dota 2 
Sprite Pojedynek 13150zł$41.19Overwatch 
Champions 2150zł$41.37League of Legends 
FEC Classic 15150zł$41.35StarCraft II 
Sprite Pojedynek 12150zł$41.28Overwatch 
Champions 1150zł$41.37League of Legends 
FEC Classic 14150zł$41.35StarCraft II 
FEC Games 8 (SC2)800zł$222.39StarCraft II 
Midlane Clash 4200zł$55.54Dota 2 
Sprite Pojedynek 11150zł$41.99Overwatch 
FEC Classic 13150zł$41.36StarCraft II 
FEC Games 7 (SC2)800zł$218.00StarCraft II 
FEC Games 1 (CS:GO)1,200zł$327.22Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
FEC Games 6 (HS)1,200zł$316.95Hearthstone 
FEC Games 6 (SC2)800zł$213.67StarCraft II 
FEC Games 5 (OW)2,400zł$617.97Overwatch 
FEC Games 5 (HS)1,200zł$308.98Hearthstone 
FEC Games 5 (SC2)800zł$207.38StarCraft II 
FEC Games 4 (OW)2,400zł$614.44Overwatch 
FEC Games 4 (HS)1,200zł$301.20Hearthstone 
FEC Games 4 (SC2)800zł$200.69StarCraft II 
FEC Games 3 (HS)1,200zł$306.37Hearthstone 
FEC Games 3 (OW)2,400zł$611.32Overwatch 
FEC Games 3 (SC2)800zł$200.47StarCraft II 
FEC Games 2 (SC2)800zł$196.59StarCraft II 
FEC Games 2 (HS)1,200zł$294.89Hearthstone 
FEC Games 2 (OW)2,400zł$589.80Overwatch 
FEC Games 1 (OW)2,400zł$593.00Overwatch 
FEC Games 1 (SC2)800zł$197.18StarCraft II 
FEC Games 1 (HS)1,200zł$295.60Hearthstone