Dreamhack Winter 2009

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2009-11-26 to 2009-11-27

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Sweden Sweden$22,125.4015 Players
2.Denmark Denmark$9,223.1312 Players
3.Poland Poland$3,586.301 Player
4.United States United States$3,586.305 Players
5.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$2,869.041 Player
6.France France$2,295.208 Players
7.Czech Republic Czech Republic$2,151.783 Players
8.Slovakia Slovakia$1,721.433 Players
9.Russian Federation Russian Federation$1,434.521 Player
10.Norway Norway$1,333.271 Player
11.Belgium Belgium$286.901 Player
12.Turkey Turkey$286.901 Player


Dreamhack Winter 2009 (CoD:MW2)20,000 SEK$2,869.04Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 
Dreamhack Winter 2009 (Counter-Strike)185,000 SEK$26,538.60Counter-Strike 
Dreamhack Winter 2009 (CS:S)35,000 SEK$5,020.82Counter-Strike: Source 
Dreamhack Winter 2009 (Quake Live Duel)50,000 SEK$7,172.60Quake Live 
DreamHack Winter 2009 (TM Nations Forever)23,000 SEK$3,299.39TrackMania Nations Forever 
DreamHack Winter 2009 (WoW)€4,792.00$7,141.26World of WarCraft