DreamHack Winter 2007

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2007-11-29 to 2007-12-02

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Brazil Brazil$17,215.505 Players
2.Sweden Sweden$14,398.3815 Players
3.Denmark Denmark$5,164.648 Players
4.France France$3,912.605 Players
5.Netherlands Netherlands$3,130.091 Player
6.Germany Germany$1,878.062 Players
7.Singapore Singapore$1,095.555 Players
8.Poland Poland$939.031 Player


DreamHack Winter 2007 (Counter-Strike)200,000 SEK$31,300.87Counter-Strike 
DreamHack Winter 2007 (DotA)52,000 SEK$8,138.22Defense of the Ancients 
DreamHack Winter 2007 (StarCraft: Brood War)20,000 SEK$3,130.09StarCraft: Brood War 
DreamHack Winter 2007 (WarCraft III)33,000 SEK$5,164.65WarCraft III