Paris Eternal

Paris Eternal

Total Prize Money Earned:
$91,600.00 From 3 Tournaments

The Paris Eternal are an Overwatch League franchise team representing Paris, France. They are one of the league's eight expansion teams of the 2019 Overwatch season and is one of two professional Overwatch teams based in Europe along with the London Spitfire. The team is owned by Drew McCourt, owner of DM-Esports, LLC.

Paris Eternal Roster Summary

Overwatch (Eternal Academy)$11,600.0012.66%

Country Summary

1.France France$39,722.2443.36%
2.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$39,722.2443.36%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.France BenBestBenjamin Dieulafait$9,930.56
2.France FDGodBrice Monsçavoir$9,930.56
3.Korea, Republic of FielderKwon, Joon$9,930.56
4.Korea, Republic of hanbinChoi, Han Been$9,930.56
5.France NiCONicolas Moret$9,930.56
6.Korea, Republic of NoSmiteJeong, Da Un$9,930.56
7.France SoOnTerence Tarlier$9,930.56
8.Korea, Republic of XziJung, Ki Hyo$9,930.56
9.France AscoftValentin Wulfman$1,933.33
10.Ukraine kensiArtem Budiak$1,933.33
11.France SuperPloukBastien Klau$1,933.33
12.Netherlands TrispearDaan Robben$1,933.33
13.Russian Federation TxaoIlya Makarov$1,933.33
14.United Kingdom Zeal- -$1,933.33
15.United Kingdom SmexEoghan O'Neill$555.56


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