London Spitfire

London Spitfire

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,898,703.50 From 27 Tournaments

The London Spitfire are an Overwatch League franchise team representing London, United Kingdom. They are one of the league's twelve inaugural teams and is one of two professional Overwatch teams based in Europe along with the Paris Eternal. The team is owned by Jack Etienne, founder and CEO of Cloud9.

London Spitfire Roster Summary

Overwatch (British Hurricane)$358,703.5018.89%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$1,424,999.9575.05%
2.Germany Germany$28,750.001.51%
3.Estonia Estonia$14,375.000.76%
4.Denmark Denmark$14,375.000.76%
5.United States United States$14,375.000.76%
6.France France$14,375.000.76%
7.United Kingdom United Kingdom$14,375.000.76%
8.Sweden Sweden$14,375.000.76%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of BdosinChoi, Seung Tae$185,281.39
2.Korea, Republic of birdringKim, Ji Hyuk$185,281.39
3.Korea, Republic of FuryKim, Jun Ho$185,281.39
4.Korea, Republic of GestureHong, Jae Hee$185,281.39
5.Korea, Republic of NUSKim, Jong Seok$185,281.39
6.Korea, Republic of ProfitPark, Joon Yeong$185,281.39
7.Korea, Republic of CloserJung, Won Sik$160,281.39
8.Sweden SparkRWilliam Andersson$55,730.48
9.Germany HadiDaniel Bleinagel$43,931.55
10.Sweden DanneddDaniel Rosdahl$40,560.98
11.Denmark Molf1gMikkel Djernes$29,556.55
12.Finland RipaRiku Toivanen$26,670.83
13.Korea, Republic of GuardLee, Hee Dong$25,000.00
14.Korea, Republic of KrillinJung, Yung Hoon$25,000.00
15.Korea, Republic of QmainSong, Ji Hoon$25,000.00
16.Finland Jofi- -$23,890.14
17.Estonia AdmiralOliver Vahar$23,132.00
18.Sweden bock1Jakob Kleveland$21,053.06
19.Iceland HafficoolHafþór Hákonarson$18,167.35
20.Korea, Republic of HagoPeunJo, Hyeon Woo$17,424.24
21.Korea, Republic of HooregLee, Dong Eun$17,424.24
22.Korea, Republic of WOOHYALSung, Seung Hyun$17,424.24
23.Denmark KellexKristian Keller$16,670.83
24.United Kingdom BackboneJamie O'Neill$14,375.00
25.Germany KaanEmir Kaan Okumus$14,375.00


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