Florida Mayhem

Florida Mayhem

Total Prize Money Earned:
$275,739.50 From 10 Tournaments

The Florida Mayhem are an Overwatch League franchise team representing the state of Florida, USA. They are one of the league's twelve inaugural Overwatch teams. The team is owned by Ben Spoont, CEO and co-founder of Misfits.

Florida Mayhem Roster Summary

Overwatch (Mayhem Academy)$80,739.5029.28%

Country Summary

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$169,930.5361.63%
2.Sweden Sweden$11,111.124.03%
3.Finland Finland$5,555.562.01%
4.Belgium Belgium$2,777.781.01%
5.Dominican Republic Dominican Republic$1,875.000.68%
6.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$1,875.000.68%
7.Australia Australia$1,875.000.68%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Korea, Republic of BQBLee, Sang Bum$18,333.33
2.Korea, Republic of GangnamjinGang, Nam Jin$18,333.33
3.Korea, Republic of Gargoyle-, -$18,333.33
4.Korea, Republic of YakiKim, Jun Gi$18,333.33
5.Korea, Republic of SpyderHa, Jeong Woo$16,111.11
6.Korea, Republic of ByremLee, Seong Ju$13,333.33
7.Korea, Republic of FaTeKoo, Pan Seung$13,333.33
8.Korea, Republic of Karayan-, -$13,333.33
9.Korea, Republic of KrisChoi, Jun Soo$13,333.33
10.United States PaintbrushNolan Edwards$12,053.04
11.Sweden MannetenTim Byhlund$10,820.44
12.Denmark ShaxJohannes Nielsen$10,231.75
13.Sweden EpzzAndreas Wallvingskog$8,042.67
14.United States FCTFCTNRussell Campbell$8,042.67
15.Korea, Republic of KERBEROSBaek, Seung Hun$6,875.00
16.Canada MangachuLiam Campbell$6,600.00
17.United States WubCameron Johnson$6,600.00
18.United States ApplyDamon Conti$5,453.04
19.Korea, Republic of OGSon, Min Seok$5,000.00
20.Korea, Republic of SLIMEKim, Sung Jun$5,000.00
21.Sweden cremsCarl Aspehult$4,010.37
22.Korea, Republic of aWesomeGuyKim, Sung Hoon$2,777.78
23.Sweden CWoosHJohan Klingestedt$2,777.78
24.Belgium LogixAndreas Berghmans$2,777.78
25.Sweden TviQKevyn Lindström$2,777.78


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