Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,152,821.57 From 166 Tournaments

Misfits Roster Summary

Apex Legends$18,700.001.62%
Heroes of the Storm$40,000.003.47%
League of Legends$313,604.7827.20%
League of Legends (MSF Academy/Premier)$98,947.048.58%
PUBG Mobile$12,240.001.06%
Super Smash Bros$48,646.054.22%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$298,397.1225.88%
2.France France$188,949.4816.39%
3.United Kingdom United Kingdom$134,145.0711.64%
4.Germany Germany$107,632.949.34%
5.Sweden Sweden$70,112.506.08%
6.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$69,816.316.06%
7.Norway Norway$64,056.775.56%
8.Czech Republic Czech Republic$20,549.581.78%
9.Netherlands Netherlands$18,484.731.60%
10.Denmark Denmark$15,165.101.32%
11.Finland Finland$13,837.291.20%
12.Slovakia Slovakia$11,337.290.98%
13.Bulgaria Bulgaria$8,000.000.69%
14.Russian Federation Russian Federation$5,000.000.43%
15.Slovenia Slovenia$3,894.900.34%
16.Belgium Belgium$2,500.000.22%
17.Poland Poland$1,992.110.17%
18.Canada Canada$1,000.000.09%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States ClixCody Conrod$171,800.00
2.France Hans samaSteven Liv$62,318.28
3.United Kingdom AlphariBarney Morris$61,760.78
4.Korea, Republic of IgNarLee, Dong Guen$57,865.88
5.Germany PowerOfEvilTristan Schrage$55,873.77
6.United Kingdom MaxloreNubar Sarafian$55,430.25
7.United States ScepticGriffin Spikoski$54,000.00
8.Norway EndrettaEndre Byre$52,250.00
9.United States Larry LurrLarry Holland$33,477.33
10.France AmanekFrancois Delaunay$31,500.00
11.Sweden ZebbosaiSebastian Olsson$28,747.35
12.United States SicKHunter Mims$27,750.00
13.United States ShahZaMShahzeb Khan$27,100.00
14.Sweden NevixAndreas Karlsson$26,247.35
15.France devoduvekDavid Dobrosavljevic$25,050.00
16.United States seangaresSean Gares$24,600.00
17.France SoOnTerence Tarlier$24,482.29
18.France HidanMikaël Da Silva$22,191.67
19.France KrywJonathan Nobre$19,482.29
20.Sweden rybRuben Ljungdahl$16,666.67
21.Czech Republic StanCifkaStanislav Cifka$14,031.90
22.United States La LunaRyan Coker-Welch$12,741.99
23.Norway LIDERAdam Ilyasov$11,806.77
24.Netherlands Dan Dan DDDanny Le Comte$11,337.29
25.Finland HiivaAleksi Kaikkonen$11,337.29


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