Marek ".PhP" Kadek - CS:GO Player

Marek Kadek
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$12,031.16 From 31 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Year

$420.00 From 2 Tournaments
3.49% of Total Prize Money Earned

2013-02-213rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » EMS One Spring Cup #2 (CS:GO)-$20.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2013-01-202ndTeam-based Tournament » IEM VII - Your Road to Katowice 2013 (CS:GO)-$400.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$1,175.64 From 4 Tournaments
9.77% of Total Prize Money Earned

2010-07-115th-6thTeam-based Tournament DSRack LAN #2 (CS:S)600 DKK$101.79Counter-Strike: Source
2010-05-301stTeam-based Tournament AlpCon 2010(CS:S)€409.60$503.48Counter-Strike: Source
2010-04-253rdTeam-based Tournament XLFrag FRAGTIME #1€100.00$134.97Counter-Strike: Source
2010-04-032ndTeam-based Tournament » Copenhagen Games 2010 (CS:Source)2,400 DKK$435.40Counter-Strike: Source

$4,661.42 From 12 Tournaments
38.74% of Total Prize Money Earned

2009-11-271stTeam-based Tournament » Dreamhack Winter 2009 (CS:S)4,000 SEK$573.81Counter-Strike: Source
2009-11-161stTeam-based Tournament » i38 (CS:S)£400.00$596.80Counter-Strike: Source
2009-08-101stTeam-based Tournament » i37 (CS:S)£450.00$741.82Counter-Strike: Source
2009-08-015th-6thTeam-based Tournament » the eXperience 2009 (CS:S)€35.00$49.48Counter-Strike: Source
2009-07-273rdTeam-based Tournament » ESEA CS:S EU Open S3£50.00$81.77Counter-Strike: Source
2009-07-263rdTeam-based Tournament » Outpost On Fire 3 (CS:Source)€100.00$142.11Counter-Strike: Source
2009-06-231stTeam-based Tournament UKeSA Season 1£460.00$760.33Counter-Strike: Source
2009-06-161stTeam-based Tournament Infused Cup£100.00$164.38Counter-Strike: Source
2009-05-032ndTeam-based Tournament » Lan79 2009 (CS:S)€350.00$464.61Counter-Strike: Source
2009-04-131stTeam-based Tournament » i36 (CS:S)£450.00$667.60Counter-Strike: Source
2009-02-243rdTeam-based Tournament » EMS Season III (CS:S)€120.00$152.92Counter-Strike: Source
2009-01-182ndTeam-based Tournament Icy Box Lan 2009 (CS:S)€200.00$265.79Counter-Strike: Source

$5,376.36 From 11 Tournaments
44.69% of Total Prize Money Earned

2008-11-131stTeam-based Tournament ICY-BOX Invite #3€41.67$53.03Counter-Strike: Source
2008-11-022ndTeam-based Tournament » i35 (CS:S)€600.00$761.94Counter-Strike: Source
2008-09-282ndTeam-based Tournament PCGS 2008£440.00$809.60Counter-Strike: Source
2008-08-243rdTeam-based Tournament » ENC Finals 2008 (CS:Source)€300.00$443.22Counter-Strike: Source
2008-08-112ndTeam-based Tournament » i34 (CS:S)€600.00$897.59Counter-Strike: Source
2008-07-257th-8thTeam-based Tournament » the eXperience 2008 (CS:Source)€40.00$62.75Counter-Strike: Source
2008-07-141stTeam-based Tournament FGL-$125.00Counter-Strike: Source
2008-06-161stTeam-based Tournament TLR Wzzrd Challenge€260.00$402.25Counter-Strike: Source
2008-05-041stTeam-based Tournament Lan79 2008 (CS:S)€1,000.00$1,549.07Counter-Strike: Source
2008-03-291stTeam-based Tournament Intel cssource.cz2,000 Kč$125.13Counter-Strike: Source
2008-02-173rdTeam-based Tournament » EMS Season I (CS:S)€100.00$146.78Counter-Strike: Source

$397.74 From 2 Tournaments
3.31% of Total Prize Money Earned

2007-09-305th-6thTeam-based Tournament 2007€50.00$71.12Counter-Strike: Source
2007-09-021stTeam-based Tournament BECup 2007€240.00$326.62Counter-Strike: Source


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