Kim "Last" Sung Hyun - StarCraft: Remastered Player

Kim, Sung Hyun
Date of Birth:
December 25, 1992
Korean Age:
Korea, Republic of
Korea, Republic of
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$106,516.45 From 37 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
Last, Last[fOu]

Results by Team

$17,309.77 From 8 Tournaments
16.25% of Total Prize Money Earned

2013-11-235thTeam-based Tournament » GSTL Season 2₩428,571$403.74StarCraft II
2013-08-031stTeam-based Tournament » SK Planet Proleague Playoffs₩4,000,000$3,557.14StarCraft II
2013-08-033rdTeam-based Tournament » SK Planet Proleague Regular Season₩3,000,000$2,667.85StarCraft II
2013-06-01Round 1» WCS Korea 2013 Season 1 Challenger₩400,000$353.47StarCraft II
2013-06-0125th-32nd» WCS Korea 2013 Season 1 Premier-$1,500.00StarCraft II
2013-03-175th-8th» MLG Winter Championship 2013 (Starcraft II)-$3,000.00StarCraft II
2012-10-274th» Auction All-Kill OSL 2012₩6,000,000$5,465.73StarCraft II
2012-10-18Round 1» GSL Season 4 2012 (Code A)₩400,000$361.84StarCraft II

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$89,206.68 From 29 Tournaments
83.75% of Total Prize Money Earned

2020-03-251stTeam-based Tournament » KCM Race Survival 2020 Season 1₩912,500$739.13StarCraft: Remastered
2019-12-242ndTeam-based Tournament » KCM Race Survival Season 12₩506,250$435.63StarCraft: Remastered
2019-09-051stTeam-based Tournament » KCM Race Survival Season 11₩650,000$540.66StarCraft: Remastered
2019-09-015th-8th» Afreeca Starleague Season 8₩2,000,000$1,676.00StarCraft: Remastered
2019-06-122ndTeam-based Tournament » KCM Race Survival Season 10₩375,000$317.44StarCraft: Remastered
2019-06-089th-12th» KSL Season 3 2019₩2,000,000$1,762.00StarCraft: Remastered
2019-03-171st» Afreeca Starleague Season 7₩30,000,000$26,640.00StarCraft: Remastered
2018-12-153rd-4th» KSL Season 2 2018₩6,000,000$5,340.00StarCraft: Remastered
2018-10-311stTeam-based Tournament » KCM Race Survival Season 8₩762,500$675.50StarCraft: Remastered
2018-10-283rd» Afreeca Starleague Season 6₩5,000,000$4,440.00StarCraft: Remastered
2018-09-081st» KSL Season 1 2018₩30,000,000$27,420.00StarCraft: Remastered
2018-05-2717th-28th» Afreeca Starleague Season 5₩300,000$278.40StarCraft: Remastered
2018-01-302ndDanJJING Star League Season 2₩1,000,000$931.00StarCraft: Remastered
2017-12-171stDanJJING Star League Season 1₩1,800,000$1,675.80StarCraft: Remastered
2017-11-195th-8th» WEGL 2017 (SC:R)₩2,000,000$1,822.00StarCraft: Remastered
2017-11-1217th-28th» Afreeca Starleague Season 4₩200,000$178.40StarCraft: Remastered
2017-08-133rdThrill Starleague Season 3₩500,000$438.50StarCraft: Brood War
2017-06-035th-8th» Afreeca Starleague Season 3₩500,000$447.00StarCraft: Brood War
2017-06-021stTeam-based Tournament AfreecaTV Clan League₩272,727$243.00StarCraft: Brood War
2017-05-202ndThrill Starleague Season 2₩400,000$357.60StarCraft: Brood War
2017-03-192ndTeam-based Tournament » ASL Team Battle Season 1₩1,000,000$885.00StarCraft: Brood War
2017-01-229th-16th» Afreeca Starleague Season 2₩300,000$255.30StarCraft: Brood War
2016-11-272ndThrill Starleague₩150,000$127.95StarCraft: Brood War
2016-09-103rd-4th» Afreeca Starleague Season 1₩1,000,000$883.00StarCraft: Brood War
2016-05-221stKim Carry Starcraft Myeongin League₩1,000,000$847.00StarCraft: Brood War
2016-02-202nd41 Starleague Season 4₩200,000$163.60StarCraft: Brood War
2015-10-073rd-4thSpicy Rice Cake Tournament Season 1₩50,000$43.27StarCraft: Brood War
2015-08-309th-16th» 11th SonicTV BJ Starleague₩500,000$423.50StarCraft: Brood War
2015-02-152nd» 10th SonicTV BJ Starleague₩10,000,000$9,220.00StarCraft: Brood War


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