Hayashi "Mago" Kenryo - Fighting Game Player

Hayashi, Kenryo
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$88,810.21 From 46 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
Mago, MCZ|Mago

Results by Team

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$88,810.21 From 46 Tournaments
100.00% of Total Prize Money Earned

2020-01-262nd» Evo Japan 2020 (SFV:AE)¥400,000$3,651.36Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2019-12-154thCapcom Cup 2019-$12,500.00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2019-09-152ndTokyo Game Show 2019 (SFV:AE)¥2,000,000$18,506.99Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2019-09-083rdPPL 2019-$1,500.00Street Fighter V
2019-05-195th-6th» BAM 11 (SFV:AE)A$60.50$41.51Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2018-12-1617th-24th» Capcom Cup 2018-$500.00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2018-11-032nd» CPT LATAM Regional Open 2018-$3,000.00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2018-10-285th-6th» Canada Cup 2018 (SFV:AE)-$750.00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2018-10-135th-6th» CPT Asia Regional Open 2018-$750.00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2018-09-095th-6th» DreamHack Montreal 2018 (SFV:AE)-$750.00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2018-08-197th-8th» TWFighter Major 2018 (SFV:AE)-$500.00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2018-03-214th» RAGE: Byakko Cup-$3,000.00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
2017-12-1017th-24th» Capcom Cup 2017-$500.00Street Fighter V
2017-10-155th-6th» Capcom Pro Tour Asia/Oceania Regional Finals 2017-$1,500.00Street Fighter V
2017-10-083rd» TWFighter Major 2017 (SFV)-$1,500.00Street Fighter V
2017-09-172ndOzHadou Nationals 15 (SFV)A$405.00$324.23Street Fighter V
2017-05-147th-8th» BAM 9 (SFV)-$500.00Street Fighter V
2017-04-167th-8th» Norcal Regionals 2017 (SFV)-$500.00Street Fighter V
2016-11-171st» Capcom Pro Tour Asia/Oceania Regional Finals 2016-$7,000.00Street Fighter V
2016-10-164th» SoCal Regionals 2016 (SFV)-$1,270.20Street Fighter V
2016-10-029th-12th» Brooklyn Beatdown ESL One NY 2016-$1,500.00Street Fighter V
2016-09-175th-6th» Japan Cup 2016 (SFV)-$750.00Street Fighter V
2016-06-267th-8th» CEO 2016 (SFV)-$583.70Street Fighter V
2016-06-217th-8th» DreamHack Summer 2016 (SFV)-$500.00Street Fighter V
2016-05-153rd» BAM 8 (SFV)A$229.00$166.55Street Fighter V
2016-03-203rd» Final Round 19 (SFV)-$2,521.00Street Fighter V
2015-11-017th-8th» Canada Cup 2015 (USFIV)C$556.00$425.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2015-06-285th-6th» CEO 2015 (USFIV)-$286.20Ultra Street Fighter IV
2015-06-211st» South East Asia Major 2015 (USFIV)-$7,000.00Ultra Street Fighter IV
2015-04-051stHypespotting 4 (USFIV)-$7,000.00Ultra Street Fighter IV
2014-03-301st » IGT 2014 (SSFIV:AE)-$0.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2013-11-304th» DreamHack Winter 2013 (SSFIV:AE)10,000 SEK$1,527.37Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2013-09-295th-6th » Canada Cup 2013 (KoFXIII)C$0.00$0.00King of Fighters XIII
2013-09-297th-8th » Canada Cup 2013 (SSFIV:AE 1v1)C$0.00$0.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2013-09-291stTeam-based Tournament » Canada Cup 2013 (SSFIV:AE 5v5)C$2,000.00$1,940.52Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2013-06-305th-6th» CEO 2013 (SSFIV:AE)-$30.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2012-12-087th-8th» Street Fighter 25th Ann. - Grand Finals (SSFIV:AE)-$1,700.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2012-10-283rd » Canada Cup 2012 (KoFXIII)C$0.00$0.00King of Fighters XIII
2012-10-282nd » Canada Cup 2012 (SSFIV:AE)C$0.00$0.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2012-06-272nd» WNF AE2012 SSFIV:AE 3.7-$124.50Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2012-06-202nd» WNF AE2012 SSFIV:AE 3.6-$102.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2011-06-122nd» ReveLAtions 2011 (SSFIV:AE)-$3,000.00Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
2009-08-081st» GODSGARDEN #1¥100,000$1,025.75Street Fighter IV
2007-08-267th-8thTeam-based Tournament » Evo 2007 (GGXX AC 2v2)-$83.33Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
2005-08-142nd » Evo 2005 (CvSNK2)-$0.00Capcom vs. SNK 2
2003-08-103rd » Evo 2003 (CvSNK2)-$0.00Capcom vs. SNK 2


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