Benedict "benkaii" Tan - VALORANT Player

Benedict Tan
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$41,878.41 From 47 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$1,200.00 From 1 Tournament
2.87% of Total Prize Money Earned

2021-05-023rdTeam-based Tournament » VCT 2021: Southeast Asia Stage 2 Challengers Finals-$1,200.00VALORANT

$400.00 From 2 Tournaments
0.96% of Total Prize Money Earned

2021-01-101stTeam-based Tournament » eXTREMESLAND Festival 2020: Southeast Asia-$200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2020-11-112ndTeam-based Tournament » ESEA AP CS:GO Open Season 35 - Playoffs-$200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

$500.00 From 1 Tournament
1.19% of Total Prize Money Earned

2016-10-095th-8thTeam-based Tournament » The World CS:GO Championships 2016-$500.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$39,778.41 From 43 Tournaments
94.99% of Total Prize Money Earned

2020-01-221stTeam-based Tournament WX Winter Invitational 2020-$3,400.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-12-083rd-4thTeam-based Tournament Conquerors Insignia 2019-$1,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-11-175th-8thTeam-based Tournament » eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asia 2019-$800.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-11-032ndTeam-based Tournament WESG 2019/20 - SEA Qualifier (CS:GO)-$800.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-10-061stTeam-based Tournament » WESG 2019/20 - Singapore Qualifier (CS:GO)-$150.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-09-081stTeam-based Tournament » eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asia 2019 - Southeast Asia-$200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-09-013rdTeam-based Tournament NEX Invitational 2019-$160.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-05-0513th-16thTeam-based Tournament » IEM Season XIV - Sydney-$800.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-04-222ndTeam-based Tournament » Asian Development League 2019 - Season 1 PlayoffsCN¥6,000$894.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-04-073rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » Cobx Masters 2019 Phase II (CS:GO)-$2,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2019-03-314thTeam-based Tournament » Iskandar Investment Esports Carnival 2019 (CS:GO)RM 1,040.00$254.72Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-10-213rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2018-$1,600.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-09-093rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » WESG 2018 - Singapore Qualifier (CS:GO)-$30.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-09-042ndTeam-based Tournament » GG.BET Summer Asia-$750.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-08-065th-6thTeam-based Tournament » IEM Season XIII - Shanghai-$2,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-07-0813th-16thTeam-based Tournament » ESL One Cologne 2018-$1,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-06-061stTeam-based Tournament Uwin Asian InvitationalCN¥10,000$1,565.30Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-05-0613th-16thTeam-based Tournament » IEM XIII - Sydney-$800.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-04-023rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » CS:GO Asia Summit-$1,500.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-03-255th-6thTeam-based Tournament » StarLadder & ImbaTV Invitational Chongqing 2018-$900.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2018-01-143rdTeam-based Tournament » WESG 2017 - Asia Pacific Finals (CS:GO)-$2,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-12-291stTeam-based Tournament » GOTV.GG Invitational #1-$300.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-12-231stTeam-based Tournament DouyuTV Asia Invitational - Season 2CN¥10,000$1,521.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-10-225th-8thTeam-based Tournament » eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2017-$800.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-10-013rdTeam-based Tournament 2017 China TopCN¥20,000$2,998.10Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-09-0313th-16thTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017-$400.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-08-032ndTeam-based Tournament » WCA 2017 - Asia-Pacific (CS:GO)CN¥15,000$2,230.50Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-05-152ndTeam-based Tournament » BeyondGodlike SEA CS:GO League - Season 1฿9,429$272.90Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-04-205th-8thTeam-based Tournament » ESEA AP CS:GO Open Season 24-$20.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2017-03-193rdTeam-based Tournament » China Cup 1CN¥16,000$2,320.13Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-11-132ndTeam-based Tournament » ASUS ROG CS:GO Master 2016-$2,250.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-11-073rdTeam-based Tournament Mr. Cat CS:GO Masters Asian-$357.14Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-09-253rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia CS:GO 2016-$1,600.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-08-183rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » ESEA AP CS:GO Open Season 22-$75.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-06-152ndTeam-based Tournament » MixBOT Pro-League Invite Season 2-$200.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-05-294thTeam-based Tournament » Asean Games 2016 (CS:GO)RM 4,340.00$1,060.74Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-05-205th-8thTeam-based Tournament » WCA 2016 Asia Qualifier (CS:GO)CN¥2,000$305.89Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2016-02-282ndTeam-based Tournament » Born To Win Invitational League #1-$100.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-11-222ndTeam-based Tournament BENQ CS:GO Asia Cup 2015RM 600.00$140.32Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-04-133rd-4thTeam-based Tournament » ESEA AP CS:GO Open Season 18-$45.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2015-02-011stTeam-based Tournament » Razer Arena Open Asia-$100.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2014-11-293rdTeam-based Tournament » BenQ CS:GO League 2014 FinalsRM 200.00$59.12Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2014-09-211stTeam-based Tournament » BenQ CS:GO League 2014 Qualifier 3RM 60.00$18.55Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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