Jim "jiMMy" Thorsen - Counter-Strike: Source Player

Jim Thorsen
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$5,723.72 From 13 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Results by Team

$1,136.15 From 3 Tournaments
19.85% of Total Prize Money Earned

2008-03-244thTeam-based Tournament » i33 (CS:Source)
£100.00$198.46Counter-Strike: Source
2007-11-112ndTeam-based Tournament » i32 (CS:Source)
€600.00$880.11Counter-Strike: Source
2007-10-214thTeam-based Tournament SLAP LIVE #13
300 DKK$57.58Counter-Strike: Source

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$4,587.57 From 10 Tournaments
80.15% of Total Prize Money Earned

2009-01-183rdTeam-based Tournament Icy Box Lan 2009 (CS:S)
€100.00$132.89Counter-Strike: Source
2008-11-301stTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Winter 2008 (CS:S)
4,000 SEK$493.35Counter-Strike: Source
2008-10-192ndTeam-based Tournament SLAP LIVE #16 (CS:S)
3,600 DKK$608.76Counter-Strike: Source
2008-10-021stTeam-based Tournament MySites.com Invite Tournament #2
€150.00$199.93Counter-Strike: Source
2008-07-252ndTeam-based Tournament » the eXperience 2008 (CS:Source)
€600.00$941.18Counter-Strike: Source
2008-06-171stTeam-based Tournament » DreamHack Summer 2008 (CS:S)
4,000 SEK$663.31Counter-Strike: Source
2008-02-171stTeam-based Tournament Infinity Gaming #5
£240.00$473.04Counter-Strike: Source
2007-08-052ndTeam-based Tournament More Info on this Earning the eXperience 2007 (CS:S)
Got 625 euro for winning group 2nd and 3rd rounds and final of Upeer Bracket
€525.00$723.74Counter-Strike: Source
2007-08-021stTeam-based Tournament SLAP Live #12
1,000 DKK$171.89Counter-Strike: Source
2007-04-083rdTeam-based Tournament SLAP LIVE #11 (CS:S)
1,000 DKK$179.48Counter-Strike: Source


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