DreamHack Tours 2016

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2016-05-14 to 2016-05-16

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.France France$28,028.0331 Players
2.Germany Germany$28,000.008 Players
3.Denmark Denmark$26,630.556 Players
4.Sweden Sweden$20,000.005 Players
5.Bulgaria Bulgaria$13,000.007 Players
6.Belgium Belgium$7,242.185 Players
7.United Kingdom United Kingdom$7,000.004 Players
8.Norway Norway$7,000.002 Players
9.Spain Spain$6,000.002 Players
10.Slovakia Slovakia$6,000.002 Players
11.Ukraine Ukraine$6,000.002 Players
12.Slovenia Slovenia$4,000.002 Players
13.Czech Republic Czech Republic$3,000.001 Player
14.Croatia Croatia$3,000.001 Player
15.Latvia Latvia$3,000.001 Player
16.Portugal Portugal$3,000.001 Player
17.Netherlands Netherlands$2,582.783 Players
18.Poland Poland$2,000.002 Players
19.Hungary Hungary$1,000.001 Player
20.Russian Federation Russian Federation$1,000.001 Player
21.Greece Greece$791.391 Player


DreamHack Tours 2016 (CS:GO)-$50,000.00Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
DreamHack Tours 2016 Hearthstone€5,000.00$5,663.83Hearthstone 
DreamHack Tours 2016 (LoL - BYOC)€10,000.00$11,305.51League of Legends 
DreamHack Tours 2016 (CS:GO - BYOC)€10,000.00$11,305.51Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 
DreamHack Tours 2016 (HotS)-$100,000.00Heroes of the Storm