Riyadh Masters 2022

Riyadh Masters 2022

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2022-07-20 to
Prize Pool:
USD - US Dollar

The Riyadh Masters 2022 is the biggest Dota 2 tournament of all time as of 2022 other then TI of course, at least that is according to the prize pool. The tournament has a prize pool of 4,000,000$ and 200,000$ in other incentives. This was one of the tournaments right before TI so it gave teams alot to play for and great practice before the big one.

Tournament Results

Prize Money By Country

1.China China$1,420,000.008 Players
2.Russian Federation Russian Federation$620,000.008 Players
3.Ukraine Ukraine$500,000.006 Players
4.Malaysia Malaysia$380,000.003 Players
5.Bulgaria Bulgaria$150,000.004 Players
6.Jordan Jordan$150,000.004 Players
7.Norway Norway$90,000.002 Players
8.Estonia Estonia$85,000.001 Player
9.Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan$85,000.001 Player
10.Netherlands Netherlands$85,000.001 Player
11.Poland Poland$85,000.001 Player
12.Sweden Sweden$80,000.004 Players
13.Germany Germany$70,000.002 Players
14.Canada Canada$60,000.002 Players
15.Lebanon Lebanon$40,000.001 Player
16.Pakistan Pakistan$40,000.001 Player
17.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$40,000.002 Players
18.Czech Republic Czech Republic$30,000.001 Player
19.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$30,000.001 Player
20.North Macedonia North Macedonia$30,000.001 Player
21.Peru Peru$30,000.001 Player
22.Slovakia Slovakia$30,000.001 Player
23.United States United States$30,000.001 Player
24.Australia Australia$20,000.001 Player
25.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$20,000.001 Player


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